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Open Issues

This is a list of currently open issues for the TASKING VX-toolset for ARM v5.2r1. The list may include issues found in later releases, whether such issues also appear in this release has not always been verified yet. See below for the list of closed issues. The list of fixed issues for v5.2r1 is included in the release notes of the product.


ARMVX-37386 Not possible to define a vector using the C++ unmangled name
ARMVX-37611 Use of registers in expressions may not work for non-identifier-like names
ARMVX-37647 Not all the Altium plug-ins are signed
ARMVX-38016 Tracing functionality does not work with STM32L152-EVAL and SEGGER J-Trace
ARMVX-38019 No ETM-based trace available when trace too short to include A-sync
ARMVX-38025 Qualifier volatile causes erroneous W515: ["xyz.c" ] side effects of 'sizeof' operand will be ignored
ARMVX-38052 Script debugger may hang at termination
ARMVX-38558 Build Selected File(s) button does not compile modified file
ARMVX-38568 Eclipse sometimes freezes after a project is copied and pasted
ARMVX-38606 Semantic Error when using namespace std
ARMVX-38655 __bit, _Imaginary and _Complex keyword highlighting not working for C++ files
ARMVX-38676 GNU extension #warning causes Eclipse complaint 'invalid preprocessor directive'
ARMVX-38682 Enabling silicon bug workaround pmc_cm_001 results in linker warning
ARMVX-38770 Linker error "section is out of range (should be 25-bit signed)"
ARMVX-38777 Assembler error "incompatible expression for instruction"
ARMVX-38827 Register allocation failed for deeply nested for-loop and --cpu=ARMv6M --thumb
ARMVX-38840 Cannot start debug session when 2 ST boards are connected
ARMVX-38847 Exception occurred during launch "Error within Debug UI"
ARMVX-38871 Test P50009 of the Perennial-suite fails because argv[argc] is not a NULL pointer
ARMVX-39040 Error: Program "amk" not found in PATH
ARMVX-39328 Alignment of long long variable on the user stack not according to the description in the User Guide
ARMVX-39341 XMC4700 simulation not possible due to download error
ARMVX-39345 Incorrect branching on cast unsigned short constant
ARMVX-39361 Function declaration where the asterisk in the declaration of a typedefed function pointer parameter is omitted
ARMVX-39364 Complex function cproj gives incorrect result when imaginary component is INFINITY
ARMVX-39371 Flash programming fails for XMC devices
ARMVX-39398 Invalid constant propagation with tripple indirection
ARMVX-39401 Missed "out of bounds" diagnostics
ARMVX-39423 Qualifier volatile causes erroneous W515: ["xyz.c" ] side effects of 'sizeof' operand will be ignored
ARMVX-39424 Internal consistency check compiler error (S911) sample case
ARMVX-39425 C compiler S900: internal consistency check failed
ARMVX-39426 C compiler error F103: out of memory
ARMVX-39427 C compiler error E354: MISRA rule 10.3 violation
ARMVX-39428 Inlined array access may cause stack overwrite
ARMVX-39429 Issues with designated initializers for an element of an array of structs
ARMVX-39430 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
ARMVX-39431 Initializing code sequence left out
ARMVX-39432 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed with MISRA 2012 --misrac=17.5
ARMVX-39433 Assertion failed error for a certain C code module with MISRA C:2012 rule 17.5 enabled
ARMVX-39434 Incorrect dead store elimination after inlining
ARMVX-39435 Erroneous sign extension after ABS instruction with signed short operand
ARMVX-39436 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 16.1 violation error for code not using any switch case
ARMVX-39437 C compiler error F117: object size must be lower than 256MB error when debug information enabled
ARMVX-39438 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 13.5 violation message
ARMVX-39439 C++ compiler warning W2639 when pragma section is used within extern "C"
ARMVX-39440 STLport C++ header files contain unnecessarily complex references to TASKING STL header files
ARMVX-39441 C compiler error using -Of : ctc S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
ARMVX-39442 Compound literals using const values are placed in RAM memory
ARMVX-39443 Erroneous W549: condition is always false message when constant propagation switched off
ARMVX-39444 C compiler ctc S911: internal consistency check failed with MISRA C rule 10.3 enabled
ARMVX-39445 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed with MISRA C rule 10.2 enabled
ARMVX-39446 Different debug labels generated when the same file is compiled multiple times
ARMVX-39447 False positive warning "W507 variable is possibly uninitialized" with constant propagation optimization switched off
ARMVX-39451 Incorrect __asm processing if input refers to output duplicated by other input
ARMVX-39452 Compound literals generate incorrect code in recursive functions
ARMVX-39453 C library function nexttowardf() incorrectly considers some values equal
ARMVX-39454 C++ compiler error: E0498: ["\include.cxx\limits" 490] template argument list must match the parameter list
ARMVX-39455 Perennial C P64072 fails on overlapping struct initialization
ARMVX-39456 C compiler error S911: internal consistency check failed error when control flow simplification disabled
ARMVX-39457 Math functions log10f() and log2f() use double precision arithmetic
ARMVX-39458 C++ compiler using C++ 2003 standard cannot process _Pragma(...)
ARMVX-39459 Sizeof operator applied to a VLA involving variable post-modification causes wrong code
ARMVX-39460 Incorrect warning W541: possibly uninitialized variable
ARMVX-39461 Pragma warning not working for warning W508 'empty source file'
ARMVX-39462 C++ example using unordered map container does not build
ARMVX-39463 Incorrect conversion of an if-else statement to an expression
ARMVX-39464 Non justified if condition optimization
ARMVX-39465 Stack calculation includes stack usage of non referenced functions
ARMVX-39466 Functions printf and sprintf show incorrect IEEE754 single precision formatting / truncation
ARMVX-39467 Proftool function "main" not found error (F454) when profiling library projects
ARMVX-39468 Automatic inlining causes invalid code generation for a local static variable
ARMVX-39469 Dependency scan not working for library projects
ARMVX-39470 Incorrect merging of consecutive updates of the same object
ARMVX-39471 Incorrect empty loop removal when the loop condition has side effects
ARMVX-39472 Viewing local variables (in a C function) sometimes results in message 'no storage assigned'
ARMVX-39473 Static profiling not working with library subproject
ARMVX-39475 Using "Resume at Line" gives "Debug Event Dispatch" error
ARMVX-39476 Move to Line feature is always disabled
ARMVX-39477 Compiler MISRA 2012 rule 9.5 : incorrect flagging of rule violation
ARMVX-39478 C compiler omits value assignment to pointer type function argument with forward store optimization enabled
ARMVX-39479 Compile-time concatenation of character string literal with unicode string literal fails
ARMVX-39481 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 12.4 violation error
ARMVX-39482 Include file may be skipped when same filename is included from different directories
ARMVX-39483 Incorrect conversion of _Complex type to _Bool
ARMVX-39484 Check on constant expression of _Static_assert() not strict enough
ARMVX-39485 Multiple section selection in LSL results in unexpected section removal
ARMVX-39488 Including a copytable in an output section may result in an internal error or a corrupt copy table
ARMVX-39489 Locating fails when contiguous is used for an ordered group with __align sections
ARMVX-39490 References to a locator symbol __lc_x_name can be ambiguous
ARMVX-39491 Linker misplaces .alignment_protection sections in reserved memory or a reserved section without notice
ARMVX-39492 Linker error F009 when an initialized output section is used with copy and blocksize attributes
ARMVX-39495 Linker error E172: Could not completely fill memory when an absolute located reserved section is used
ARMVX-39496 LSL reserved sections may be selected by select statements resulting in a corrupt internal linker state
ARMVX-39497 Linker error E821: Could not fill area when a section with size not multiple of 4 added to a LSL checksum() range
ARMVX-39499 Linker may hang when the size of an output section is at least 2 MB
ARMVX-39500 Linker inserts section in an ordered, contiguous, fill group
ARMVX-39544 C compiler: wrong code generation when using packed structures with some members declared as bit fields
ARMVX-39550 No definition of ODR-used const static data member of a template causes bus trap
ARMVX-39567 No diagnosics for ignored alignas() in elaborate type specifier
ARMVX-39569 Integers in #if conditions are not evaluated as 64-bit
ARMVX-39571 No error for re-declaration of range-based for loop iterator
ARMVX-39575 C library function strtof might incorrectly return FLT_MAX for hexadecimal number

Closed Issues

This is a list of issues that have been closed with a resolution other than fixed. This list contains issues that will not be fixed, issues that appeared to be not a problem and/or issues that could not be reproduced. The list of fixed issues for v5.2r1 is not shown here, it is included in the release notes of the product.

Cannot Reproduce

ARMVX-38513 Task entry address not shown in map file

Won't Fix

ARMVX-35314 dump command failure when 'width' equals 1
ARMVX-35315 signed, unsigned and hexadecimal watch errors from command window
ARMVX-35458 e-command only works on 3rd attempt
ARMVX-35710 Emit hexadecimals rather than decimals in assembly source file
ARMVX-35853 CrossView Pro 'file | open source' error
ARMVX-37264 asarm -OgsJ results in E294: generic instruction has no suitable ...
ARMVX-38579 asarm E122: invalid instruction: old syntax not allowed
ARMVX-39360 Pointers to different functions shall not be equal

Not a problem

ARMVX-37415 intrinsic name mismatch between compiler intrinsic and ST library
ARMVX-37786 Add Watchpoint C/C++ not working using context menu in Variables view
ARMVX-38417 move immediate with shift optimization
ARMVX-38624 Typo's in chapter "3.1. Assembly Syntax"

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