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Open Issues

This is a list of currently open issues for the TASKING Tools for C166/ST10 v8.7r2. The list may include issues found in later releases, whether such issues also appear in this release has not always been verified yet. See below for the list of closed issues. The list of fixed issues for v8.7r2 is included in the release notes of the product.


C166CL-20050 E 171: invalid type conversion due to the offset of macro
C166CL-20271 CP166 generates prototype functions without arguments
C166CL-20329 Array is too large error when compiling as a .cpp file
C166CL-20857 EDE can not build project with same filenames in different dirs
C166CL-21414 F 219: error while deleting file *.ii
C166CL-21816 F 219: error while deleting file "filename.pch"
C166CL-21841 C++ compiler skips inline assembly code
C166CL-22019 W91 no prototype for function: record_needed_destruction
C166CL-22267 macro substitution in path name of abs file
C166CL-22639 _atbit in a C++ class gives: E 65: expected a ";"
C166CL-22698 prelk166: error: cannot create temporary file "name"
C166CL-22846 FSS is always included in a C++ project
C166CL-23105 Only one byte of the expression is used by the 'memory fill' window
C166CL-23188 "E 7: unrecognized token" when using C++ preprocessor options -E or -P
C166CL-30668 Infineon DAvE usage not described in manual
C166CL-30781 no error message is generated when the one's complement operand is a bit type
C166CL-31381 E 561: illegal storage class for sfr/sfrbit inside template
C166CL-31407 macro _C166 for the version number is not available in C++
C166CL-31422 cp166 application error for an empty block in an inline function
C166CL-31434 Window positions are not saved correctly
C166CL-31454 Warnings W68, W69 and W183 when using STL library 'string'
C166CL-31764 constructor does not take memory type qualifier into account
C166CL-32017 E 619: "__3_21_x" undefined in inline assembly pragma
C166CL-32147 keyword _inline ignored by cp166 when pragma asm is being used
C166CL-32398 Columns of CrossView's ORTI information window cannot be resized
C166CL-32887 -M option: bad range.
C166CL-32900 destructor called after object is not created when using the ternary operator
C166CL-33111 CrossView error message: Illegal digit 9 in octal number
C166CL-33342 C-pragmas are not always handled correctly by the C++ compiler
C166CL-33550 E 33: "c" redefined
C166CL-33631 MAC Intrinsics are not implemented in the C++ compiler
C166CL-33653 incorrect MISRA C errors
C166CL-33908 E 410: protected function "A::a" is not accessible
C166CL-34020 variables defined with _at() do not show declaration when hovered
C166CL-34192 Assembler generates CALLA instead of CALLR for absolute code sections
C166CL-34441 E 619: "var" undefined in inline assembly pragma
C166CL-34481 Struct members not permitted for inline assembly pseudo variables
C166CL-34625 mk166: *** action exited with value 1
C166CL-34674 Struct member list does not show up when using _packed or a memory qualifier
C166CL-34973 Cannot dereference type information of "<name>"
C166CL-34974 No compiler error for empty enumeration
C166CL-35043 Warning: missing "sdc_lia" or "sdc_lip" lifetime record
C166CL-36002 CC1_CC8IC missing in the regxc164cm header files
C166CL-36113 SFR files are not MISRA-C compliant
C166CL-36167 Using -BZinsert_mdlh_muldiv results in protected NOP instead of DIV
C166CL-36169 Wrong line in compiler dependency output
C166CL-36205 S 723: (line ?) assertion failed - please report
C166CL-36235 OCDS via DAS could not be set for user defined boards
C166CL-36238 Update examples for not using a fixed (extern) memory range
C166CL-36370 User defined "output directoy" doesn't allow spaces in its name
C166CL-36485 Source Window shows wrong file in mixed-mode
C166CL-36497 Linux and Windows compiler creates different code
C166CL-36544 With -zfragment the compiler starts a new section at the use of intrinsic
C166CL-36580 Unexpected floating point trap
C166CL-36601 The project file xxxx.dpt appears to be invalid
C166CL-36656 E 51: cannot hold that many operators
C166CL-36658 CAN libraries not working in huge memory model
C166CL-36671 FLEXlm errors not always shown on stream stderr
C166CL-36871 Generated DSRAM area too large for XC164CS-16 derivative
C166CL-36883 ERROR: PSM can't request interrupt number 0x00
C166CL-36885 Missing sfr definitions for XC2287M
C166CL-36917 pre-link error when defining a static template member function
C166CL-36926 CAPCOM peripheral simulation not working correctly.
C166CL-36930 Output pin not toggled using Compare Mode 1 and 3
C166CL-36979 Start address of an interrupt task not calculated correctly
C166CL-36989 Compiler setting should be checked when importing a DAvE project
C166CL-37117 CCNT not incremented after unconditional jump using the XC16x simulator
C166CL-37125 xc16x simulator does not generate interrupts for ADC channel.
C166CL-37234 m166 does not support files larger than 32768 lines
C166CL-37266 non-existing SFR names for XC164CM
C166CL-37299 conversion failed for sfr bits BNKSELx_GPRSELx after DAvE import
C166CL-37301 System stack cannot be increased by using the SECSIZE control
C166CL-37302 S 524: (line xx) assertion failed - please report
C166CL-37303 Interrupt Enabled Debugging not documented
C166CL-37305 DAvE import not supported for XE16xFM and XE16xFM derivatives
C166CL-37307 Programming external Flash not working for Phytec miniMODULE 167CX
C166CL-37308 Wrong ST10F269 on-chip flash memory specification when bit ROMS1 from SYSCON is set to segment zero
C166CL-37312 Fill bytes may end up in the middle of ROM data sections when using FILLGAPS
C166CL-37313 -Oc (CSE optimization) causes R14 / R15 content overwrite
C166CL-37314 Error parser does not open the listed include file
C166CL-37315 Compiler quits without error message when a function contains more than about 60000 lines
C166CL-37316 Symbol file <name>.abs is not in IEEE-695 format or too short
C166CL-37317 sections may get overlapped unexpectedly when empty sections are located in the same area
C166CL-37318 wrong pointer used for struct assignment in huge memory model
C166CL-37321 FASTBL bit missing in CPUCON2 in register files
C166CL-37322 Interrupt Enabled Debugging option in EDE does not work
C166CL-37328 Program is not halted after a single step instruction when the next source line is interrupt protected
C166CL-37333 VECSEG register cannot be initialized from EDE
C166CL-37348 Debug Suspend Mode not entered after a Halt or Single step
C166CL-37349 Variables not shown correctly in CrossView
C166CL-37350 S 687: assertion failed - please report
C166CL-37351 Segment 191 should not be reserved for XC2xxx processors
C166CL-37352 Capture Compare output register CC2_OUT not simulated
C166CL-37353 E 142: No or not enough resources available for this breakpoint
C166CL-37357 CrossView error when loading abs file: iaux out of bounds
C166CL-37358 User Stack Model library not included in special XE16x package
C166CL-37360 Application error for Phyton installation higher than v2.0
C166CL-37363 Better fix for 019-35234 "Using EDE with newer version of Python"
C166CL-37364 The actual compiler limit for a string literal after concatenation is 15000 instead of 1500
C166CL-37365 Uninitialized register after DFAP optimization
C166CL-37367 SFR bit EWENx from BUSCONx not selectable at startup configuration menu for C167CS-40
C166CL-37368 C167CS and the C167CSx40 should have same SFR definitions and internal RAM
C166CL-37369 Startup code documentation is wrong
C166CL-37370 memory windows shows trap code 0x9B04 after hitting a breakpoint using the serial RAM/ROM monitor
C166CL-37375 #pragma's not supported in C++
C166CL-37376 a local variable might not be shown correctly by CrossView when the "CPU Core Registers" window is also shown
C166CL-37377 -Of causes incorrect register use for destination register of __cpnnb - R12 instead of R10
C166CL-37378 compiler fails to generate inline code for inline function definitions
C166CL-37379 C++ compiler command line options documented which are not supported
C166CL-37380 Control program does not recognize C++ option --pending-instantiations
C166CL-37381 flash_device_num and flash_unused_address_lines not documented
C166CL-37382 missing error for too large string constant
C166CL-37387 CrossView crashes unexpectedly
C166CL-37388 The Peripheral Simulation Module should be updated for XC and XE derivatives
C166CL-37389 Application error when running the disassembler d166
C166CL-37390 Python not supported on 64-bit systems
C166CL-37392 Wrong result using DFAP
C166CL-37393 DP7_4 to DP7_7 missing in ST10F273E sfr files
C166CL-37396 "no storage assigned" when using a local struct pointer
C166CL-37397 Wrong bitfields accessed when using an unaligned struct
C166CL-37398 Incorrect access of near variable with compiler optimization 'Register Contents Tracing'
C166CL-37399 EDE may crash on projects with large number of files.
C166CL-37400 Python error for win32com.client.Dispatch("Xfw166.CommandLine") on Windows 7
C166CL-37404 W 109 module name not unique linker warning when leading digits in file name used

Improvements and/or New Features

C166CL-37009 Add support for XC2200N/XC2300B/XC27x4X/XE16xxN, XC2200H/XC27x7X/XE16xxH and XC2000ED
C166CL-37309 The one's complement operator is not recommnded for bit variables.
C166CL-37320 Add support for DAvE for XE16xxH/N, XC2200H/N, XC2300B/C and XC2704X/7X
C166CL-37324 Add support for all XE166M devices
C166CL-37326 It is not clear from the compiler manual under which conditions no interrupt register bank is generated
C166CL-37330 Update to DAS version 2.9.0
C166CL-37331 Add support for new DAP miniWiggler
C166CL-37343 When no class matches a CLASSES control, the UNIQUE keyword does not reserve the specified range anymore
C166CL-37372 Add support for XC2200U/XC2300S/XC2702X/XE166xU
C166CL-37373 Add support for XC22xxI, XC23xxE and XC27x8X
C166CL-37374 Add support for XC2200L/XC2300D/XC2703X/XE166xL
C166CL-37383 Update to DAS version 3.3.1

Closed Issues

This is a list of issues that have been closed with a resolution other than fixed. This list contains issues that will not be fixed, issues that appeared to be not a problem and/or issues that could not be reproduced. The list of fixed issues for v8.7r2 is not shown here, it is included in the release notes of the product.

Won't Fix

C166CL-5297 C166 F602 error on extra curly braces in struct init
C166CL-5804 compiler issues error without line number
C166CL-6802 Step-over #define may consume lot of time
C166CL-8018 Macro scope problem issues variable error messages
C166CL-8036 ICALL.ASM doesn't have stubs in all segms for EXTM model
C166CL-8542 #pragma cse <num> and option -c<num> do not have any effect
C166CL-9107 NhtSignFBt(): illegal basic type 0
C166CL-20052 test all levels of pointer indirections
C166CL-20175 Initializing arrays in structures: E 143: too many initializers
C166CL-20328 E 279: Cannot use filename main.cpp
C166CL-20404 Incorrect 'W 195: constant expression out of range'
C166CL-21416 munch166 temporary files are not saved
C166CL-21868 wrong symbolic debug info when using peephole optimization
C166CL-23102 --diag_option does not work
C166CL-23199 'C:\Documents' is not recognized as an internal or external command.. wmk:
C166CL-30156 Inline assembly inside a switch statement ignored by the C++ frontend
C166CL-30253 Instructions after _atomic() intrinsic should not be optimized away
C166CL-30883 VDOS commando output does not appear in the output screen (Win98 only)
C166CL-30955 C compiler wrongly returns error 544
C166CL-31233 wrong error message 'unknown host name'
C166CL-31234 CrossView does not support non-default baud rates
C166CL-31406 ieee166: this program has performed an illegal operation
C166CL-31821 Wrong pointer arithmetics combining near and far addresses
C166CL-32108 The line number of a compiler syntax error is not shown
C166CL-32306 Wrong value displayed in CrossView
C166CL-32364 Word Completion does not function when the _at keyword is being used
C166CL-33141 W 196: constant expression out of range due to signed/unsigned type mismatch
C166CL-33328 F106: illegal character
C166CL-33359 no workaround for CPU functional problem "BREAK_X.H2"
C166CL-33512 Register bank name may clash with register file symbols
C166CL-33801 Using 'nested' -f requires a space between -f and filename
C166CL-33836 E 95: Array is too large
C166CL-33887 It's not possible to set a data breakpoint using the name of a sfr register
C166CL-34190 Compiler its preprocessor cannot handle files longer than 65000 lines
C166CL-34303 comment sign @" at the end of a macro definition converted into new line
C166CL-34547 Output of C and C++ program are different when _packed structures are used
C166CL-34616 #pragma class has no effect on static local variable
C166CL-34634 E 299: MEMORY control: IRAM range 0f600h to 0ffffh overlapped by a ROM range
C166CL-34964 Using _packed structure in C++ results in C compiler error E 61: type clash
C166CL-35084 system sections cannot be located
C166CL-35123 Not possible to use $(PROJDIR) or %x environment variables in EDE
C166CL-35182 Cannot store string: program being debugged is not linked with "end.obj"
C166CL-35280 E204: syntax error on token - in line 32768
C166CL-35488 CrossView hangs after using 'Target | Flash setup | Check ID' button
C166CL-35670 CodeSense shows sfr definitions inside all sfr files
C166CL-35679 Not initialized variables are not detected with -O0
C166CL-35691 16 bits bitfield treated as an 8 bits char
C166CL-35904 .hlp files not supported anymore in Windows Vista
C166CL-35965 Hanging FLEXlm licenses
C166CL-36191 Uncouple flash workspace address and configuration settings from SFR settings
C166CL-36475 Running Vista SP1, EDE hangs after showing splash screen
C166CL-36931 Static variable inside a static template function not handled correctly
C166CL-37118 Default OCDS break level (see CMCTR) not always set to highest value
C166CL-37124 Timer does not always halt after hitting a breakpoint using XC22xx derivative
C166CL-37340 DAS LPT does not work on Windows Vista and Windows 7
C166CL-37356 CPU type not supported when importing or refreshing DAvE project

Not a problem

C166CL-30057 W196 generated by the compiler as a result of compiled C++ code
C166CL-32726 W 864: _atbit() has no effect on external declaration
C166CL-37228 regbank generated with pragma noframe

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