Open and Closed Issues for TASKING VX-toolset for C166 v2.1r3Log in

Open Issues

This is a list of currently open issues for the TASKING VX-toolset for C166 v2.1r3. The list may include issues found in later releases, whether such issues also appear in this release has not always been verified yet. See below for the list of closed issues. The list of fixed issues for v2.1r3 is included in the release notes of the product.


C166VX-34801 Tool options not displayed correctly in properties dialog
C166VX-34805 incorrect makefile generated when referring other projects
C166VX-34806 LSL Editor: outline collapsed after modification
C166VX-34823 When the debugger comes with an error message the details show it three times
C166VX-34904 Make SFR file format compatible with the Tricore ones
C166VX-35110 Do not stop inside an interrupt routine when using OCDS hardware breakpoint
C166VX-35209 Add tool chain version number in about box
C166VX-35227 When you press "Resume" the focus is removed from the thread.
C166VX-35256 Problems view not showing external file path from error message
C166VX-35258 LSL Editor: lsl file not marked dirty when changing vector table settings
C166VX-35275 Internal Builder: Exec error:Launching failed
C166VX-35300 Cannot edit system memory in the LSL editor
C166VX-35313 All user stacks must be located in one page
C166VX-35322 show in Eclipse when the tools are in Trial period
C166VX-35337 LSL outline in Eclipse does not correspond to LSL syntax description
C166VX-35393 Debugger works slowly
C166VX-35472 Not possible to use custom makefiles
C166VX-35477 INFO header "address size" is 3 and should be 4
C166VX-35481 No drive letter allowed for include path
C166VX-35491 LSL editor: "Sections" tab is very limited
C166VX-35512 Debugger cannot handle soft reset (SRST) instruction
C166VX-35514 Running the self-extracting installer may result in a security warning
C166VX-35535 Language extensions are not syntax highlighted
C166VX-35562 No possibility to compile a single file
C166VX-35569 Variables window does not show constants
C166VX-35572 marker does not always scroll into view
C166VX-35580 The expression window has no possibility to change "format"
C166VX-35591 EDE project import wizard does not handle stderr correctly
C166VX-35649 EDE sub-project not imported correctly
C166VX-35658 Adding global variables to variables view not possible when no locals
C166VX-35668 Heap view may malfunction for near model
C166VX-35685 FILE.C causes all project files to be translated as C++
C166VX-35688 Changing a linker option leads to a complete rebuild of the project
C166VX-35699 Functions not always shown in outline view
C166VX-35708 64-bit modulo/divide overwrites frame pointer
C166VX-35714 Flash debug settings cannot be changed from within Eclipse
C166VX-35722 The standard libraries aren't MISRA C compatible
C166VX-35724 Add option to suppress start address record in hex file
C166VX-35804 166 ROM monitor debug instrument hangs
C166VX-35805 Array/struct tree in Variables view collapses with each step
C166VX-35814 setting breakpoint fails because of prefix path in debug info
C166VX-35846 c166 E383: initializer element is not computable at load time
C166VX-35850 Generate both map file as XML and as text
C166VX-35859 Remove non-available peripherals from XC23xx register files
C166VX-35860 Function not called correctly when using a function pointer outside segment 0
C166VX-35864 step over may fail if runtime routine modifies stack
C166VX-35873 Compiler should not perform a byte write operation on sfr's
C166VX-35877 Stepping through minitask example on hardware impossible
C166VX-35886 Cannot call function in expression view
C166VX-35888 Evaluating expression with post increment fails
C166VX-35894 The internal IO area does not support real byte accesses
C166VX-35906 cp166 F1060: option "export" cannot be used with "implicit-include"
C166VX-35917 Map file outline broken after updating map file
C166VX-35918 XRAM setting wrong for C164CI derivative
C166VX-35919 Wrong __atbit(...) example in manual
C166VX-35920 c166 E272: undeclared identifier "bitword"
C166VX-35921 Inside a member function the 'this' pointer is disabled
C166VX-35925 Selecting KitCon C167CR results in locate errors
C166VX-35926 __asm() example3 text not correct
C166VX-35933 Move trace configuration to launch configuration
C166VX-35936 CPU.22 not mentioned in chapter 15 of the VX users guide
C166VX-35937 c166 E241: invalid conversion
C166VX-35940 Missing toolchain information in "Help | About TASKING VX-toolset" window
C166VX-35941 Missing and changed CPUCON2 bits on Register tab of the cstart editor
C166VX-35942 Wrong sfr IMBCTR in cstart.c for XC2287
C166VX-35946 DAS over LPT not supported for XC22xx easy-kit boards
C166VX-35957 Executing CALLS using DAS LPT with DAS v2.5 ignores segment number.
C166VX-35969 c166 S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-35970 Slip of the pen in users guide manual
C166VX-35972 Wrong conversion by ilo2lsl.exe for CUSTACK classes control
C166VX-35973 CLASSES control not converted correctly by ilo2lsl
C166VX-35975 #pragma speed converted into #pragma tradeof instead of #pragma tradeoff
C166VX-35979 Mapfile viewer error when "Include preproc and memory info" enabled
C166VX-35980 Add assembler list file options to the C compiler
C166VX-35982 Missing configuration IMBCTRL/H in startup code editor for P11
C166VX-35987 Eclipse cannot import an EDE library
C166VX-35990 c166 S917: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-35993 The order of the objects in the generated makefile is different each build
C166VX-36010 Remove --user-stack suboption to disable use of user stack in library functions
C166VX-36012 When --warnings-as-errors is used eclipse shows warning, instead error marker
C166VX-36013 invalid floating point to long conversion
C166VX-36020 Unclear E143 message
C166VX-36025 locating a section absolute fails.
C166VX-36026 Wrong debug information for local variable
C166VX-36032 Miscellaneous MISRA-C problems
C166VX-36033 Global variables not displayed
C166VX-36039 Map file viewer truncates tables with big map file
C166VX-36040 as166 E218: expression out of range (-256 and 255 decimal)
C166VX-36043 Make utility: mk166 -D displays wrong dependency file
C166VX-36044 Eclipse not responding anymore after selecting "Detailed Diagnostics Info"
C166VX-36048 as166 W734: ["cc1596e.src" 13] branch instruction in extend range
C166VX-36055 memcpy & Co. must not complain about unaligned pointer
C166VX-36056 as166 S901: assertion failed at "t:\temp\ftxpgox0.uc1\TogaExpression.h"
C166VX-36057 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-36058 c166 S917: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-36060 Extreme long compilation times for a function > 64KB
C166VX-36062 nvram memory type unusable
C166VX-36064 Updates in locate rule sorting
C166VX-36065 Change prototypes of __memcpXXX functions in using a const as second argument
C166VX-36066 Selected processor changed from Target Board Configuration dialog
C166VX-36067 map file outside project tree cannot be opened in map file editor
C166VX-36068 c166 E200: commandline: silicon bug workaround must be in the range 1-26
C166VX-36070 c166 F100: cannot open "..\file.c"
C166VX-36073 cnv2vx missing '=' when translating #pragma class FB=....
C166VX-36074 missing DP7 bit definitions
C166VX-36081 When --warnings-as-errors is used eclipse shows warning, instead error marker
C166VX-36084 wrong bit value when using silicon bug workaround 11 (CR105981)
C166VX-36086 MISRA-C Custom 2004 dialog completey greyed out
C166VX-36090 Missing keyword "system" in file "migrate.h"
C166VX-36091 File "_cptable.h" cannot be used together with "migrate.h".
C166VX-36094 Unclear message when absolute 24-bit address cannot be mapped to a near page
C166VX-36101 Option --warnings-as-errors cannot be disabled using the "Release" configuration
C166VX-36102 cp166 W0173: floating-point value does not fit in required integral type
C166VX-36106 OCDS data breakpoints should be restricted
C166VX-36107 Wrong address for XTCR
C166VX-36109 Wrong address for XTCR
C166VX-36110 Predefined macros for C++ compiler
C166VX-36111 Dependencies not correct for C++ files: --dep-file not supported by cp166
C166VX-36115 "Reload current application" does not work when using OCDS wiggler
C166VX-36116 wrapping pointer error when using option strength reduction optimization (-Os)
C166VX-36117 Option --compact-max-size should be mentioned in section 4.6.3
C166VX-36119 cnv2vx does not issue a warning on the use of _sfrbit when _atbit is used
C166VX-36124 Open declaration (F3) or Open Definition (Ctrl+F3) does not work for sfr names
C166VX-36127 Sections with classes are not combined correctly
C166VX-36128 Disassembly window shows wrong information for instruction SUBC
C166VX-36132 Map file option for showing all unreferenced sections
C166VX-36135 C compiler pragmas not fully supported in C++
C166VX-36136 Hover Background Color cannot be changed
C166VX-36139 restore memory view monitor's renderings after relaunch
C166VX-36140 Wrong generic assembly code optimization
C166VX-36159 c166 S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-36173 Sometimes wrong code for __bfld intrinsic
C166VX-36178 Output register of inlined function with __asm() lost
C166VX-36181 Variables of base class not always shown via this-pointer of derived class
C166VX-36184 System LSL files should be read only
C166VX-36188 Do not remove interrupt routines with interrupt number -1
C166VX-36193 Use as much as possible the default values of SFRs in DTC files
C166VX-36203 Add ST10F168 and ST10F269 derivatives again
C166VX-36209 FSS view contents 'flashes' when output stops
C166VX-36210 The LSL speed attribute has no effect
C166VX-36211 Change heading symbol table in map file
C166VX-36219 Import examples progress bar is not correct
C166VX-36221 Minitask example does not build for XE167F
C166VX-36222 Suspending blink example takes about 1 minute on Vista
C166VX-36224 Disassembly view shows often "Pending..."
C166VX-36225 Change default sort and grouping order of items in the problems view
C166VX-36228 Add the new-project C++ template, with option setting and custom LSL file
C166VX-36232 Issue an end of build message
C166VX-36233 Enabling MIL linking for a library project in Eclipse results in error
C166VX-36239 Error on valid "at address" in combination with inpage
C166VX-36240 Locate result different depending on -g option
C166VX-36242 Build selected files button inactive for C++ files
C166VX-36244 cp166 E0095: Array is too large
C166VX-36245 Keyword 'const' removed by C++ compiler using a template function
C166VX-36248 Multiple interrupt functions with the same intno not handled correctly
C166VX-36250 Linker crash when assigning interrupt label to a vector
C166VX-36251 Linker does not accept multiple unassigned interrupts (intno = -1)
C166VX-36255 Compiler should not allow multiple interrupt functions with the same number
C166VX-36256 Control program should pass only to C++ or to C compiler, not to both
C166VX-36258 XC2xxx IMBCTRL bits not correct
C166VX-36259 __putbit()/__getbit() combination yields inefficient code
C166VX-36260 Wrong default values in cstart.c for SYSCON1 and SYSCON3
C166VX-36261 Description of --no-savemac option not clear
C166VX-36264 Options --hex-format and --hex-record-size not in usage text
C166VX-36265 Pre and post build steps not supported in external builder
C166VX-36266 LSL files not taken into account with internal builder
C166VX-36267 ilo2lsl generates DPPn_ADDR instead of __DPPn_ADDR
C166VX-36270 BSL error in S-record file <installation_dir>\etc\b167nrb.sre
C166VX-36271 ROM/RAM monitor cannot be rebuilt easily at a different address
C166VX-36272 Improve dwarf codes for pointer qualifiers
C166VX-36276 E204: multiple uses of --list-files= are not allowed
C166VX-36281 .lst and .map files not associated with the Eclipse editor anymore
C166VX-36282 Interrupt function not shown in outline window
C166VX-36288 lk166 E909: ["<...>"] cannot open #include file "arch_st10.lsl"
C166VX-36289 Build button might not work
C166VX-36291 compiler generated dependency files not used in the makefile
C166VX-36292 Missing ADC0_CHC registers for XC226x series
C166VX-36302 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-36310 Users manual shows wrong information about the alignment of character arrays
C166VX-36311 offset not calculated correctly
C166VX-36313 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-36315 LSL editor does not strip spaces from names on Sections page
C166VX-36319 Change text in message box when pressing button "Build Selected File(s)"
C166VX-36320 Build Selected File(s) button does not work for source file in sub folder
C166VX-36326 Log the end of build message in the Problems view
C166VX-36331 Migration problems
C166VX-36332 Cast of char pointer to int pointer results in assembler error message
C166VX-36333 assembler warning on branch in extend range when if on expression with 2 ESFRs
C166VX-36337 Implement support for reading processor.xml in the control program
C166VX-36338 Map PSRAM not as reserved memory
C166VX-36342 Eclipse's make error handling disfunct
C166VX-36343 Temporary make output files not deleted automatically
C166VX-36344 Rebuild button doesn't recompile the source files.
C166VX-36346 Linker error "F016: Invalid MAU size error" when using PSRAM
C166VX-36347 undeserved: W529 overflow in constant expression of type "long unsigned int"
C166VX-36348 Undeserved: W507: ["b.c" 33/22] variable "y" is possibly uninitialized
C166VX-36356 Add 'direct' MIL linking support to Eclipse
C166VX-36358 Global type checking in C166 linker
C166VX-36361 Change reserved memories into reserved ranges
C166VX-36371 Dialog 'Window | Preferences | Team | CVS' is missing.
C166VX-36372 cp166 E0349: ["../test.cpp" 12] no operator "=" matches these operands
C166VX-36378 Eclipse DTC wizard is not saving the communication baud-rate
C166VX-36384 c166 S917: no pattern for MIL tree
C166VX-36385 C++ compiler assumes the sizeof(const char *) is size of 4 and should be 2
C166VX-36386 Suspending blink example takes about 1 minute on Vista
C166VX-36390 The usage of "__asm" prevents the C++ compiler from inlining code
C166VX-36391 "Build Project" from the project's right-context menu is not working correctly
C166VX-36396 Wrong address for register variable in watch expression
C166VX-36403 Unable to execute the flash programming application
C166VX-36406 S900: assertion failed at ../../c-symbol.c, line 773
C166VX-36411 lk166: E108: multiple definition of symbol...... when using mil-link/split
C166VX-36412 There is an unknown problem with the initialization of the Kernel Support Module
C166VX-36414 Link time increased significantly with v2.2r2
C166VX-36416 constant located at an absolute address optimized away by the C++ compiler
C166VX-36419 Keyword "const" is completely removed by the C++ compiler
C166VX-36420 Wrong line numbers listed in generated assembly errors
C166VX-36424 Custom Optimization option "Branch Prediction" inverted
C166VX-36433 C++ compiler cannot generated *.d dependency files
C166VX-36440 RTOS window does not show enum types
C166VX-36444 Compiled C-files are not rebuild when changing an assembly option
C166VX-36447 Add options --hex-format and --hex-record-size to linker output format dialog
C166VX-36449 Variables not present in system environment
C166VX-36450 Big SFR files become a problem for speed and memory usage of the tools
C166VX-36461 Wrong description of memory speed field in user guid
C166VX-36462 DTC wizard does not always update cstart.h correctly
C166VX-36463 Add check box "Include information of removed sections" for linker map file
C166VX-36467 Additional options should not be split within double quotes
C166VX-36468 Import of EDE project fails if project directory already exists
C166VX-36473 Missing SFRs like SYSCON0, SLC, etc.
C166VX-36479 language extensions not syntax highlighted in cstart editor
C166VX-36480 importing projects is very slow
C166VX-36482 New SFR files in v2.2r4 lack flash peripherals
C166VX-36484 Wrong error when copy table sections cannot be located in rom
C166VX-36487 Local static variables not visible in debugger when MIL linking
C166VX-36489 sections cannot be located and no error is issued
C166VX-36490 XML map file viewer doesn't show those sections which cannot be located
C166VX-36498 The XC2287 register file does not have several bitfields
C166VX-36500 Describe in manual which ranges in LSL file are exclusive end address
C166VX-36501 Build Selected File(s) button does not work any longer
C166VX-36506 ADDRSELx registers not updated in XC167x Simulator
C166VX-36507 Register window not updated after using the Suspend button
C166VX-36508 Properties tool settings tab sometimes empty
C166VX-36514 Problem with casting to signed 32-bit value
C166VX-36516 Files being build after option changes depend on filename case
C166VX-36517 lk166 E121: relocation patch error in "task1"
C166VX-36525 No error when size of addresses of IHEX format is set too small
C166VX-36530 keyword "overflow" in output section not recognized by LSL editor
C166VX-36531 Link time increases with number of sections
C166VX-36533 c166 E231: ["../main.c" 13/13] expression must be constant
C166VX-36534 E231: ["file_1.c" 8/13] expression must be constant
C166VX-36535 Add a section "Configure the command line environment"
C166VX-36536 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-36538 Reduce all easykit boards to one XC2xxx/XE16x easykit board
C166VX-36540 Breakpoint on main not removed when "Goto main" is disabled
C166VX-36541 Debug option "Break on exit" has no effect
C166VX-36550 specifying mirror address does not work
C166VX-36555 Change processor popup on DTC wizard into tree selection
C166VX-36558 Statics with same name in multiple modules not displayed correctly
C166VX-36590 confusion about pragma --constant-memory
C166VX-36605 incorrect LSL file used for projects with processor name
C166VX-36606 Pre and post build steps not executed for external builder
C166VX-36607 show build time in build console
C166VX-36609 Target board configuration wizard cannot be selected from menu for new project
C166VX-36610 assembler always opens include files
C166VX-36611 Assembler options must be passed to link phase when MIL linking
C166VX-36616 Apply current processor setting to Target Board Configuration if possible
C166VX-36617 cstart.h values are written as 32 bit values by Target Board Configuration
C166VX-36618 IMB_IMBCTRL/H in M-series devices lack description of bitfields
C166VX-36619 re-apply cstart.h settings with File -> New -> cstart.c/cstart.h files
C166VX-36620 Enable parallel build by default for new projects
C166VX-36622 Cannot use custom SFR file in debugger
C166VX-36625 Command line longer than 32k not supported by Eclipse
C166VX-36627 Do not overwrite ELF file until linker finished successfully
C166VX-36628 New LSL file dialog text unclear
C166VX-36634 Additional documentation on --constant-memory
C166VX-36635 More additional documentation on --constant-memory
C166VX-36641 Group of sections with memory reference as run_addr not ordered correctly
C166VX-36643 Include directory shows up twice in project view
C166VX-36647 Make clear that MIL link w/o split only makes sense for code compaction
C166VX-36648 Inlining of C lib functions
C166VX-36650 Incorrect debug information generated for __bit variables
C166VX-36652 Undeserved E244: invalid operand types for == operator, with memory partitioning
C166VX-36661 When importing a project the project settings are not correct
C166VX-36664 "#pragma endsection" removed from *.mil files
C166VX-36665 amk: no rule to make "Submap\file.obj"
C166VX-36666 MIL linking doesn't update the "Build Project" popup window
C166VX-36668 Not allowed to declare an external interrupt function
C166VX-36669 Several CPU SFRs in MAC group in XC2287M SFR file
C166VX-36672 Setting folder specific settings does not work
C166VX-36673 Unsaved changes in cstart.c/.h persist in reopen
C166VX-36674 Unsaved changes in LSL editor persist in reopen
C166VX-36676 Also accept # as line number directive
C166VX-36678 change from "USB" to "JTAG0" in launch configuration
C166VX-36681 Base address of struct overwritten by its member value
C166VX-36683 C++ compiler error cp166 E0608: this pragma must immediately precede a declaration or statement
C166VX-36689 Volatile read optimized away
C166VX-36691 Option --alternative-sfr-file is not passed nor recognized by the C++ compiler
C166VX-36692 New cstart.c/.h does not update existing files correctly
C166VX-36694 --constant-memory=__near and MIL linking must not be allowed
C166VX-36695 Make clear that type errors in linker can be switched off
C166VX-36697 Missing bits in PLLCON0,1,3 in SFR files for XC2287M and derivatives
C166VX-36702 Improve compilation speed
C166VX-36703 Variable value not updated in Variables view
C166VX-36705 c166 S900: assertion failed at ../../c-symbol.c, line 791
C166VX-36707 C startup editor not working when cstart.h is in sub directory
C166VX-36708 Missing SFR's for Fast Interrupts EX0IN to EX5IN in XC164GM
C166VX-36711 Missing PLLCON0.NACK, PLLCON1.PACK, PLLCON3.K2ACK in XC2200M SFR Files
C166VX-36712 No longer existing processor gives strange Processor selection
C166VX-36714 Store the product version number in the project files
C166VX-36715 Make it possible to clean a project from the command line
C166VX-36718 Sizeof not correctly calculated for a virtual function pointer
C166VX-36720 Internal error when enabling option and clicking Apply
C166VX-36722 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-36724 Debug information on code compaction functions is missing
C166VX-36727 build selected files builds twice when postbuild step is specified
C166VX-36728 Only generate makefiles when required
C166VX-36732 PSRAM size 64k in lsl files of XC22xxM, XC23xxA, XC27x5X and XE16xFM must be 32k
C166VX-36734 __registerbank() does not overrule --no-frame
C166VX-36735 Wrong memory usage listed when a near page is filled up with (s)huge sections
C166VX-36741 E383: initializer element is not computable at load time
C166VX-36748 Wrong result when subtracting two far pointers
C166VX-36749 Syntax error: expecting 'absolute', found 'ranged'
C166VX-36751 Improvement for Reserved properties at Section Layout
C166VX-36753 Compiling single file fails if mil-linking is used
C166VX-36759 lk166 E121: relocation patch error in "task1": relocation value 0x1f5fe for.....
C166VX-36763 Disable MISRA-C checking in cstart.c
C166VX-36764 S900 error when MISRA-C rule 13.4 is enabled
C166VX-36765 Undeserved MISRA-C 12.1 warnings
C166VX-36767 as166 E704: Error but still an object file is generated
C166VX-36769 c166 E383: [...] initializer element is not computable at load time
C166VX-36774 Undeserved MISRA-C rule 10.3 violation
C166VX-36778 global-type-checking and assembler error
C166VX-36779 crash of type 0xc00000fd caused by taskingdebugger.exe
C166VX-36781 copy and clear areas can cross a page boundary
C166VX-36784 coco function called before it is copied to ram when using mil-linking
C166VX-36788 Build all configurations only builds active configuration
C166VX-36791 Compiler option "--near-threshold" not applied to external variables
C166VX-36792 Make blink example work on XE164F U Connect
C166VX-36794 Undeserved typechecking error during mil-linking
C166VX-36805 fill field within a memory definition is not working
C166VX-36812 Debugger should warn when starting session while still connected to board
C166VX-36813 consider warning when starting second session for same launch config
C166VX-36818 Copy attribute applied to sections that were selected before
C166VX-36824 Wrong stack estimation on windows
C166VX-36826 Different result when preprocessing file
C166VX-36828 c166 S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-36835 Eclipse is keeping a license all the time
C166VX-36855 Missing W549: condition is always true
C166VX-36858 cstart editor complains about unresolved inclusions
C166VX-36862 Cannot locate initialized large huge sections (>64 Kb)
C166VX-36873 Add ELF support for more than 65279 sections in one file
C166VX-36874 Fix symbol callgraph (stack estimation) handling of __INDIRECT__ symbols
C166VX-36876 SCU register macros not defined correctly in sfr files
C166VX-36877 Infineon DAvE '<project'> import failed
C166VX-36879 Debugger cannot read ELF file with more than 65000 sections
C166VX-36886 stack pointer released to early using option -stack-address-conversion=dynamic
C166VX-36887 After a trap the OCDS debug session cannot be terminated anymore
C166VX-36894 clock function with FSS in simulator always yields -1
C166VX-36900 Incorrect debug info for optimized (emptied) cptable functions
C166VX-36902 Copy table functions optimization disabled when sections are grouped
C166VX-36908 java.lang.NullPointerException after pre-build step
C166VX-36914 lk166 E163: ["_init.c" 25/17] "_lc_copy_table" redeclared with a different type
C166VX-36920 Warning "W549: condition is always true/false" not always accurate
C166VX-36932 erroneous long -> __near * conversion from memory
C166VX-36933 Cannot print negative values using STL library
C166VX-36934 cannot malloc after free
C166VX-36935 Incorrect type for ptrdiff_t in huge memory model
C166VX-36936 c++ compiler uses 'int' type to store function pointers
C166VX-36946 erroneous conversion of far * --> int in memory
C166VX-36947 Conversion of long -> __iram/__bita * in memory not optimized anymore
C166VX-36948 debugger expression evaluation is slow
C166VX-36950 Global type checking problem when using a linked folder
C166VX-36952 --error-file option does not redirect error messages to a file
C166VX-36953 Add progress bar to map file viewer
C166VX-36968 Setting the breakpoint failed
C166VX-36972 Unexpected error when using a memory qualifier on a local variable
C166VX-36994 undeserved Eclipse syntax errors
C166VX-36998 __SFRFILE__ does not follow --alternative-sfr-file option
C166VX-37013 lsl-expression evaluated erroneously
C166VX-37014 Starting debugger for OCDS the first time fails
C166VX-37026 Unexpected Eclipse error markers on license problems
C166VX-37028 Manual correction for STLport C++ libraries
C166VX-37040 Can't verify the publisher of this driver software.
C166VX-37041 Minitask example does not build for XC2338B and others
C166VX-37047 Function clock.c does not return a meaningful timer tick in the Simulator
C166VX-37048 Need for function clock() for Dynamic Profiling on a target board not documented
C166VX-37050 Update --inline-max-incr and --inline-max-size option defaults
C166VX-37053 Profiling with the debugger (intrusive profiling) not implemented
C166VX-37059 Objects may be used externally when mil-linking is enabled
C166VX-37060 compiler does not remove unreferenced initialized static objects
C166VX-37061 compiler should add empty dependency line for all includes
C166VX-37063 Parameter value ignored when function is called from debugger
C166VX-37070 C++ compiler error cp166 E0095: array is too large
C166VX-37071 C++ compiler error cp166 E0103: class is too large
C166VX-37088 No linker error when a rom data section cannot be located
C166VX-37090 Wrong address for near variable
C166VX-37095 lk166 E160 or E161: Failed to map the address [etc]
C166VX-37101 c166 S900: assertion failed at ../../c-type.c, line 388
C166VX-37102 On-line help not accessible from script debugger
C166VX-37112 Increasing link time when using many functions or function pointers
C166VX-37136 debugger malfunctions when using DAS
C166VX-37183 debugger may malfunction when call stack consists of more than 16 frames
C166VX-37201 Strange scrolling effects in Disassembly window using Simulator
C166VX-37206 Code generation differences when -g is used
C166VX-37210 MAC context not save in setjmp/longjmp
C166VX-37213 Reset value of EBCMOD0 for XC2000 incorrect
C166VX-37215 assembler --preprocess should honor -o option
C166VX-37218 Link error E821 might refer to incorrect overlapping memory area
C166VX-37220 Stack location overwritten when setjmp/longjmp is used
C166VX-37225 Predefined symbol __lc_x_name can be ambiguous
C166VX-37230 lk166 E104: inconsistent input file: link file cpnnw.obj uses float: double
C166VX-37236 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-37237 Overlapping mappings when using FS-FORTH 276 eval board
C166VX-37254 full build may fail after single module is built
C166VX-37271 SFR register written twice
C166VX-37273 Improvements for linked resources
C166VX-37303 linker unnecessarily overlays two different sections on same address
C166VX-37312 Changing space for a reserved section in the LSL editor memory tab fails
C166VX-37324 building fails when imported project was built with toolset installed elsewhere
C166VX-37339 Import of EDE Intel-Hex project into Eclipse fails without warning/error
C166VX-37344 Control program does not pass the target cpu option -C to assembler file with --m166 option
C166VX-37353 Wrong RET instruction when using a function pointer inside an interrupt routine (user stack model)
C166VX-37356 Unable to execute the flash programming application
C166VX-37361 LSL editor should not highlight keywords within double quotes
C166VX-37369 help text of -A option contains double descriptions
C166VX-37371 Remove the $c_environment control
C166VX-37380 ROM/RAM monitor on the board cannot be contacted again after closing a debug session
C166VX-37388 Debugger hangs with specific ELF file
C166VX-37390 Copy table takes more space in shuge memory than necessary
C166VX-37391 lk166 F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception
C166VX-37392 set the priority for global initialization functions for STLport library routines
C166VX-37395 Intermediate conversion to __near * removed.
C166VX-37397 C++ files with .cxx extensions are not being build
C166VX-37405 Linker error lk166 F009: object store error: encountered id representing a deleted object
C166VX-37407 preprocessor define may cause duplicate path entry warning
C166VX-37408 Errors when running the Simulator: PSM can't overrule SFR 'ASC0_TBUF' on address 0xFEB0
C166VX-37412 lk166 E101: command line error: wrong address size for IHEX file, only 1,2, and 4 bytes addresses are supported
C166VX-37413 Error: Simulator can't map sfr at physical memory space -1 and address 0x00FE00
C166VX-37448 SFR headers: add whitespace between hexadecimal constant ending with an 'E' and added value
C166VX-37451 implicit conversion from int to char shall allways trigger warning
C166VX-37471 View Memory does not work properly for __bit variables
C166VX-37481 MAC registers located in the ESFR space are pushed on the system stack without required EXTR instruction
C166VX-37482 The G flag is missing in the -A alias option.
C166VX-37502 Debugger Data breakpoint: "break on read or write access" not working using OCDS
C166VX-37506 incorrect makefile generated for mil-link project without C sources
C166VX-37517 fpbits.h not an official header file anymore
C166VX-37518 Memory write scheduled over volatile access when -Av is enabled.
C166VX-37525 Make utility amk.exe: option -G should not be accepted without argument
C166VX-37526 S917 assertion error
C166VX-37535 Wrong segment number accessed when writing to a huge struct member
C166VX-37538 Add __malloc__ attribute
C166VX-37541 S911error when using function return as array size
C166VX-37544 c166 --help=k option does not list the __attribute__ keyword
C166VX-37547 cp166: option --create-pch dysfunctional when -C is used
C166VX-37549 Eclipse syntax errors when using C166 specific language qualifiers in a C++ file
C166VX-37552 Always generate 8-bit mau flash chips from flash dialog.
C166VX-37557 Locate errors after applying a different page alignment on some sections
C166VX-37573 amk.exe: comparing two strings with ifeq does not work for strings with an even amount of characters
C166VX-37575 FASTBL bit missing in CPUCON2 in register files
C166VX-37577 S911, when a global is defined twice, once static
C166VX-37579 Overlay example address range incorrect
C166VX-37584 Compiler option --preprocess=+make not compatible with GNUWin32 make.exe
C166VX-37588 "Cast to Type" not responding for a bitfield in Variables view
C166VX-37589 Syntax error for "Cast to Type" to "enum" type in Variables view
C166VX-37593 Suspending 'queens' example delayed by several seconds
C166VX-37606 undeserved MISRA-C rule 7.1 violation for float constants: "octal constants (other than zero) shall not be used"
C166VX-37607 Incorrect DPP reference when using generic assembly code optimization
C166VX-37616 MISRA-C 2004 Rule 19.13 must be 'Advisory'
C166VX-37619 Simulator: value of pointer content is not updated in the Variable window
C166VX-37627 Example is wrong
C166VX-37630 When including a non-existing include path, unexpected errors may show up
C166VX-37631 File extension .ASM not recognized by control program cc166
C166VX-37633 Wrong MAC opcodes generated for inline assembly
C166VX-37639 Importing EDE settings does not succeed for an XC23XX or XE16X derivative
C166VX-37640 Double quotes backslashed by amk.exe when executing cmd.exe
C166VX-37647 Document -C/--cpu behavior for inline assembly
C166VX-37652 lk166 F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception
C166VX-37654 c166 E231: ["..\test.c" 14/10] expression must be constant
C166VX-37655 severe crash possible upon debugger termination
C166VX-37656 simulator hangs when setting bit 1 of register TFR
C166VX-37658 When modifying the lsl file the linker will not be called
C166VX-37659 cannot place software breakpoints when working with DAS
C166VX-37662 Map file viewer configuration buttons in the sections table are disabled
C166VX-37663 Keil project import wizard support for µVision4
C166VX-37664 Memory model not taken over when importing or refreshing a DAvE project
C166VX-37671 When 3 OCDS hardware breakpoints are set "Step Over" or "Step Return" acts like "Step Into"
C166VX-37673 Debug Suspend Mode not entered after a Suspend or Single step
C166VX-37678 External flash chip settings not removed from LSL file after running Target Board Configuration Wizard
C166VX-37681 Bitfields of port registers for all xc16x derivatives are incorrect
C166VX-37684 Console window background color becomes black
C166VX-37687 --no-warnings overrules --warnings-as-error
C166VX-37691 Assembly HLL Debug Information missing
C166VX-37697 Disabling checkbox "Warnings instead of errors" for CERT C code checking has no effect
C166VX-37701 flashing of external devices may not work
C166VX-37702 "lk166 F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception" for flash chips with mau-size=16
C166VX-37708 LSL files do not reflect on-chip flash memory correctly
C166VX-37710 EDE import wizard: CPU setting not imported correctly
C166VX-37711 FSR error found during flash operation
C166VX-37717 Missing documentation on floating point library and floating point trapping
C166VX-37723 Wrong return value for user stack R15 when dividing double zero by zero
C166VX-37724 C++ errors might show up when using function qualifier __frame(...) in a C++ file together with option -C or --cpu
C166VX-37725 Array index incorrectly calculated
C166VX-37729 rm: cannot remove 'foo.o': no such file or directory falsely generated when using filename and directory as argument
C166VX-37734 downloading fails at verification stage
C166VX-37736 PSW.BANK not simulated after an interrupt routine has entered
C166VX-37737 Assembler generates wrong opcode for ST10 MAC shift instructions like __CoSHL
C166VX-37744 The __bfld example in the manual does not fit on the page
C166VX-37752 S911 error on specific code
C166VX-37753 Error when value in Variables View is changed
C166VX-37754 Wrong memory location opened when "View Memory" is used on a variable
C166VX-37761 Problems after importing TASKING C166 C/C++ ELF file for debugging
C166VX-37763 AMK does not handle $(MACRO:.x=.y) correctly
C166VX-37766 Unexpected struct size for packed struct with bitfields
C166VX-37775 Debugger cannot be started again after license error
C166VX-37776 C++ compiler issues error : Segmentation fault
C166VX-37779 c166: S900 internal consistency check failed due to incorrect struct access (syntax error)
C166VX-37783 Project <project name> does not seem to be a C166 project
C166VX-37791 programming byte-programmable flash devices may fail
C166VX-37793 Eclipse update may cause error on subsequent update
C166VX-37800 Debugger does not show bitaddresses as <byte-address>.<bit-number>
C166VX-37806 Slow build when using a floating license on Windows 7
C166VX-37817 Remove DAS LPT support from the product
C166VX-37833 Assembler error as166 F009: object producer error: could not extract/insert information from/into intermediate object storage
C166VX-37849 block-like characters in debugger license error message
C166VX-37851 Find option in TASKING Registers view does not always work
C166VX-37852 lk166 W141: unresolved reference to __lc_vb_vector_table_0
C166VX-37858 problems in Variable view
C166VX-37866 LSL editor: cannot remove the address value for stack or heap
C166VX-37872 Setup shows green application window on Windows 7
C166VX-37896 Errors after opening LSL editor on Windows7 because cc166 cannot create a temporary file
C166VX-37900 Debugging assembly modules not possible
C166VX-37902 Add Watchpoint C/C++ not working using context menu in Variables view
C166VX-37903 Violation of MISRA C rule 8.1 "Functions shall have prototype declarations..." not detected
C166VX-37909 Specified number of units is ignored when placing data breakpoint
C166VX-37910 Compiler crash on specific code, related to CSE and HLL debug info generation.
C166VX-37912 Cannot distinguish bit addresses from byte addresses in absolute ELF file
C166VX-37925 Map file viewer always sets focus on "Select table"
C166VX-37928 Flash properties page table not sorted
C166VX-37930 NPE on flash properties page table double click
C166VX-37934 debugger may not recognize type __bit
C166VX-37935 incorrect handling of type __bit
C166VX-37936 manual does not describe what __interrupt(-1) means
C166VX-37945 Disabling MISRA-C checking with "#pragma nomisrac" not working when preprocessor is activated
C166VX-37946 Undeserved MISRA-C rule 5.2 violation when using enum type
C166VX-37954 "The chosen operation is not enabled" when clicking Debug Target button
C166VX-37955 Undeserved MISRA C violations when a macro is being used
C166VX-37957 Error ' Index out of bounds' when opening the cstart multipage editor
C166VX-37958 Cannot import EDE projects from XE166 version
C166VX-37959 XE160 and XE161 devices appear under XE162
C166VX-37961 Unexpected size for two-dimensional array with an incomplete type
C166VX-37966 Total number of reserved bytes for xrom is 4 bytes too large
C166VX-37967 Space usage in map file not correct for more than one mapping in LSL file
C166VX-37970 Unexpected assembler results for .DEFINE and $MESSAGE
C166VX-37972 update manual ICACHE group/select example
C166VX-37973 Mention updating DPP addresses in ICACHE documentation
C166VX-37974 DPP in uncached range results in code being located in uncached range
C166VX-37978 C startup ICACHE enable documentation incomplete
C166VX-37979 Debugger does not yet support flash programming for ICACHE devices
C166VX-37980 Debugger cannot access cached memory
C166VX-37983 Sections selected with one select statement in an ordered group are not sorted for reducing alignment gaps
C166VX-37985 incorrect debug information for anonymous aggregate members
C166VX-37987 Feature for overlaying several functions at once
C166VX-37988 Special target .PHONY not documented
C166VX-37989 Problems when installing with insufficient hard disk space
C166VX-37992 Progress bar not shown in message box "Progress Information" after changing settings
C166VX-37993 When building a project results into errors, still the message 'C/C++ build completed succesfully' is displayed
C166VX-37994 Let make utility stop the build process on error
C166VX-37995 Missing sfr definitions for XC22XX LE/ULE derivatives
C166VX-37996 Missing sfr for XC22xxI, XC23xxE and XC27x7X
C166VX-37997 Cannot locate sections in ICACHE using ordered group
C166VX-37999 lk166 E100: unexpected error: space spe:xc16x:code maps to both a space and non-space
C166VX-38000 Wrong macro names used in LSL files for XC2xxx-136F derivatives
C166VX-38001 Having reserved cached memory, the Flash memory should not be indicated as being "reserved" in the LSL editor
C166VX-38010 Wrong __FP_ENV floating point environment buffer size declared in trap.src for xc16x cores
C166VX-38017 Array index incorrectly calculated
C166VX-38029 Undeserved Eclipse syntax error for qualifier __packed__
C166VX-38031 Local struct not initialized using option +gcc
C166VX-38035 Assembler list file option -wrap-lines does not list commented C source lines at all
C166VX-38036 Assembler control lines ignored in list-file
C166VX-38038 Empty system LSL file after copying into project
C166VX-38057 XC2210U-4F must have 4k PSRAM
C166VX-38058 Lite edition debugger does not show global variables
C166VX-38068 : SCU_STMEM0 definition missing
C166VX-38071 debugger may treat data qualified __bita incorrectly
C166VX-38075 very slow execution of single step with register window open
C166VX-38076 (OCDS) debugger fails to show content of local register bank
C166VX-38077 addresses of __near and __far variables incorrectly displayed
C166VX-38078 Breakpoint marker position does not always correspond to actual location
C166VX-38079 Extremely slow feedback on user interaction
C166VX-38081 Wrong LSL file and/or cstart.c/cstart.h contents when recreating project
C166VX-38082 Set active project does not work anymore when a new window has been created
C166VX-38083 Use alternative SFR file format shall not depend on SFR file inclusion
C166VX-38086 When using no assembler options can be passed to compiled C++/C files
C166VX-38088 makefile function $(addprefix...) not documented in user guide
C166VX-38095 Move Flash property page to Run/Debug Settings
C166VX-38097 Switching processor may lead to loss of on-chip memory settings
C166VX-38102 Create an import wizard to import memory and all related project settings
C166VX-38103 Handle 'all configurations' properly on Memory, Stack/Heap and Vector table property pages
C166VX-38113 Change LSL memory map tags for uncached areas
C166VX-38116 Leading zeros are not shown for Binary format
C166VX-38117 Struct members always shown in decimal format
C166VX-38124 Warnings on cstart.c in Lite edition on imported project
C166VX-38128 Updates to SFR files for XC22xxI, XC23xxE, XC27x8X Series
C166VX-38130 Debug button grayed on initial start of debug configurations menu
C166VX-38131 Software breakpoints not supported when working with DAS with certain devices
C166VX-38133 Incorrect start address of DSRAM for XC22xxU, XC23xxS, XC27x2X and XE16xFU in LSL files
C166VX-38134 "rm: cannot remove 'test.obj': no such file or directory" when using rm.exe from a different drive
C166VX-38137 Add cached/not cached buttons also on memory table
C166VX-38147 Message 'has not passed Windows Logo testing' on installation after uninstalling DAS
C166VX-38148 Flash Programming properties page does not resize decently
C166VX-38151 debugger does not return license after linger time
C166VX-38155 Disassembly view does not take into account mirroring
C166VX-38159 Missing __PAGE_081_MEM_TYPE definition in SFR files
C166VX-38160 Previous settings in on chip items are overwritten after processor is changed and cancel button is pressed
C166VX-38161 Label job error occurs when scrolling in Registers view
C166VX-38162 Error notifying a preference change listener in profiling
C166VX-38163 DPRAM in LSL file c161pi.lsl incorrectly set to 0x00F600 instead of 0x00FA00
C166VX-38164 Error in debug configuration for imported elf file
C166VX-38165 Loop iterator register overwritten
C166VX-38168 Content Assist does not work inside interrupt functions
C166VX-38169 Default include directory still being showed in the Project view when using compiler option --no-stdinc
C166VX-38171 Debug menu items shall not be initially available
C166VX-38172 Creating a new debug configuration for a C167CR project fails
C166VX-38176 Random register selected in Startup Registers properties
C166VX-38177 GPT12E_KSCCFG not present in Econo Line SFR files.
C166VX-38178 Using --preprocessor-type=none results in: F001: ["Àÿ" 0] cannot open "Àÿ"
C166VX-38179 Focus moved away after using "Build Selected File(s)" or "Clean Selected File(s)"
C166VX-38185 LSL file may become corrupt after changing the processor of a project
C166VX-38187 Additional keywords not recognized anymore when trial period expires
C166VX-38190 "Build Selected File" button remains disabled after source file is opened or activated
C166VX-38191 Missing definition for __PAGE_081_MEM_TYPE in sfr files when using peripheral U0C1
C166VX-38195 Debugger hot keys f5 (step into), f6 (step over) and f8(run) not functional
C166VX-38196 Different order for selected sections in overlay area when using a wildcard
C166VX-38197 Near memory space not filled up by other sections
C166VX-38201 Start address of bit array not shown properly in Variables view of debugger
C166VX-38202 Erroneous Warning W549: condition is always true with default optimization
C166VX-38204 Assembler error as166 S904 and erroneous E168 due to large amount of debug information
C166VX-38207 Debugger does not take object size into account when calculating difference between pointers
C166VX-38208 Wrong debug information showed for object defined with a typedef
C166VX-38209 false MISRA W572 7.1 "octal constants (other than zero) shall not be used" for constant 0U
C166VX-38210 Constant propagation causes missing read operation
C166VX-38212 Variables and Register view problems in Lite edition for older devices
C166VX-38216 Static variable incorrectly optimized by the compiler
C166VX-38217 SFR names not recognized by indexer
C166VX-38218 Keyword highlighting is not working properly for C++ files
C166VX-38224 Standard Eclipse disassembly view pops up when switching to Instruction stepping
C166VX-38228 Some information lost when running Restore defaults on the Stack/Heap property page
C166VX-38229 Eclipse syntax error for attribute __malloc__
C166VX-38230 Sorting of non-default columns in map file table "Locate Result: Sections" does not work
C166VX-38234 Cannot change name of memory map
C166VX-38235 Debug on KitCon167: BSL offset error in S-record file
C166VX-38239 Missing MEM_KSCCFG and FL_KSCCFG definitions for several register files
C166VX-38240 Register files are not totally MISRA-C 2004 compliant: MISRA-C rule 10.6 violation
C166VX-38241 "c166 S911: internal consistency check failed - please report" after having many MISRA-C errors
C166VX-38242 Manual correction for importing Keil/μVision projects
C166VX-38243 Problem View becomes empty after several Rebuild commands with many warnings and/or errors
C166VX-38245 assembler does not accept 'U' suffix in SFR file constants
C166VX-38246 Assembler directive .ASSUME not working
C166VX-38247 Eclipse does not substitute ${ProjName} when a Workspace folder is selected at "Include paths"
C166VX-38251 Incorrect limits listed for enum type in chapter 1.1. Data Types
C166VX-38255 Qualifier volatile causes erroneous W515: ["xyz.c" ] side effects of 'sizeof' operand will be ignored
C166VX-38256, incorrect address for CAN_KSCCFG
C166VX-38263 java.lang.NullPointerException when adding debug configuration
C166VX-38264 SCU_RSTCON0 and SCU_RSTCON1 not defined in startup code
C166VX-38266 Invalid address type combination in @STRLEN
C166VX-38268 After cloning a project, the error parser still uses the original project
C166VX-38270 A loop iterator used as array index may not wrap as expected
C166VX-38271 Run address not taken into account when generating ROM copies of const variables
C166VX-38272 debugger does not behave properly due to mistakes in register files
C166VX-38273 The debugger should not read/update/show SFR registers which have a special counterpart for debuggers
C166VX-38277 hldump166.exe does not show struct members for constant structs, volatile struct members or enum types
C166VX-38279 When using multiple jobs, make utility amk.exe does not wait for all commands to be finished
C166VX-38287 Exception when selecting non-project file under 'C/C++ application'
C166VX-38294 xc2237m.lsl does not contain the definition of DSRAM
C166VX-38295 Assembler error as166 E263: [...] symbol "XXX" is used before its definition
C166VX-38297 Derivative XC2297H-104F has incorrect flash XC2297H-200F
C166VX-38300 Flash memory for XE164FN-16F not correct
C166VX-38301 DPRAM in LSL file incorrectly set to 0x00F600 instead of 0x00FA00
C166VX-38302 The XRAM area for C164CL is not correct at address 0xC000 and it should be at address 0xE000
C166VX-38307 Debugger option "Goto main" may not work if main function is defined in assembly language
C166VX-38321 When --warnings-as-errors is active, the assembler should not issue errors for already suppressed warnings
C166VX-38324 Manual correction: the default for Control Program option --core should be c16x instead of xc16x.
C166VX-38325 Undeserved MISRA-C rule 17.4 violation when using an array as struct member or a 2-dimensional array
C166VX-38329 Project <project name> does not seem to be a C166 project
C166VX-38331 Memory mappings cannot be added at dialog C/C++ Build->Memory->Memory
C166VX-38332 Cannot switch processor for a library project
C166VX-38333 Source code not always found when debugging a MIL linked project
C166VX-38335 c166 S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-38337 Halted at wrong address after a breakpoint using code compaction
C166VX-38338 Unexpected ".alignment_protection" sections in map file
C166VX-38343 The user guide does not explain how to enable wide character support
C166VX-38347 Specify in the user guide how to include a MIL library
C166VX-38349 Not all ISO C99 math library functions are implemented
C166VX-38354 Function "wstrftime" listed in chapter 13.1.27. "time.h and wchar.h" should be changed into "wcsftime"
C166VX-38359 debugger incorrectly complains that target is still running
C166VX-38360 Switch statement with local struct member initializations erroneously optimized away by the compiler
C166VX-38362 keil.h missing in toolset installation
C166VX-38363 c166 S903: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-38367 Memory and stack/Heap dialogs cannot be opened by Eclipse when a symbol is defined inside a section_layout
C166VX-38368 Linker error lk166 F009: internal error: file id does not exist
C166VX-38370 printf zero padding before 0X
C166VX-38375 regxe167f.asfr inconsistencies
C166VX-38386 Linker message "lk166 E100: unexpected error: Fatal error occurred" when non-existing memory is referenced in LSL sizeof() or addressof()
C166VX-38393 section naming of C library unexpectedly applied to application code
C166VX-38400 Symbol table entries in the ELF file do not represent the size of an object
C166VX-38407 Cannot read variable, no storage assigned
C166VX-38413 DP7_4 to DP7_7 missing in ST10F273E sfr files
C166VX-38424 "C library support had to be shut down" when using FSS
C166VX-38428 No warning W591 for pragma label prefix
C166VX-38443 Wrong result in Variables window using bitfields
C166VX-38444 locate error when using "direction = high_to_low"
C166VX-38448 C library support error: Member 'nr' of variable _dbg_request contains an invalid value (0)
C166VX-38452 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-38457 Linker error message contains garbage
C166VX-38471 Flashing may fail if processor was changed in existing project
C166VX-38472 When debugging as instruction stepping the top disassemble line will disappear
C166VX-38475 Can not cancel (re)building of the project
C166VX-38480 Number of children shown for variable may be incorrect
C166VX-38481 Update project scheme so newer Keil C166 projects could be supported
C166VX-38482 Build Selected File(s) button does not compile modified file
C166VX-38484 Add DAvE support for XC2361E projects
C166VX-38485 Debugging settings and selected processor lost after project import
C166VX-38486 Assembler generates wrong opcode for CoABS [IDXn],[Rx]
C166VX-38487 Obsolete and hidden compiler option -e still present in library makefiles
C166VX-38491 Wrong result after indexing a local const array with a local struct member
C166VX-38492 On eclipse startup the projects in workspace are converted every time
C166VX-38493 Processor XC2288H-200FxL138 not imported from project v2.4r1
C166VX-38494 amk does not expand macros inside a "macro string substitution"
C166VX-38500 Pragma optimize not recognized by C++ compiler
C166VX-38502 Option 'Allow SFRs in in-line asembly code' leads to as166 E704: cannot find sfr-file ... error
C166VX-38503 EXTP / EXTS instructions not working with SFR names
C166VX-38505 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-38507 Generic assembly code optimization problem
C166VX-38508 Semantic Error when using namespace std
C166VX-38510 Variables are not maintained at "Startup source/header file directory"
C166VX-38512 Export Registers view to clipboard and/or text file
C166VX-38522 Environment variables are not always recognized in dialog C/C++ Compiler->Include Path
C166VX-38524 Typo's in chapter "3.1. Assembly Syntax"
C166VX-38526 Build error: lk166 F005: cannot create "project.mapxml" (No such file or directory)
C166VX-38528 __atbit not correctly translated by C++ compiler
C166VX-38529 Add DAvE support for XC2269I projects
C166VX-38530 Language Mappings not preserved after importing DAvE project
C166VX-38532 Error messages in debugger: "An internal error has occurred."
C166VX-38534 Overlay items and associated ROM copies ordered differently when selecting multiple sections at once
C166VX-38535 Description of $OPTIMIZE / $NOOPTIMIZE is not complete
C166VX-38536 Disassembly view puts active line on top for every instruction step
C166VX-38538 Data types _Complex and _Imaginary not supported by the C++ compiler
C166VX-38539 Keyword highlighting of __bit, _Imaginary and _Complex not working for C++ files
C166VX-38542 USB Wiggler-box no longer supported by DAS
C166VX-38548 Incorrect bitfield using compiler optimization "Control Flow Simplification"
C166VX-38549 No documentation available about the OCDS Break Level bitfield in CMCTR
C166VX-38551 GNU extension #warning causes Eclipe complaint 'invalid preprocessor directive'
C166VX-38553 Debugger may terminate abruptly or not all
C166VX-38559 Wrong coded BFLDL instruction by the assembler when using a global symbol
C166VX-38561 Add DAvE support for XC2289I projects
C166VX-38564 Wrong addresses for bitfields in hldump symbol table output
C166VX-38567 Incorrect start and end labels for linker output section with bits
C166VX-38569 Wrong addresses in Disassembly window
C166VX-38570 Debugger sometimes highlights the wrong source line after a single step
C166VX-38571 .SECTION gives assertion when AT attribute is used with an expression that has no integer value
C166VX-38572 View Compare Application shows "Pending..." if no differences found
C166VX-38573 Global type checking does not detect signed/unsigned differences and short/int
C166VX-38574 Values of labels generated by the linker are not shown by the debugger
C166VX-38577 On-chip flash programming error: "Loading failed: A problem occurred during downloading"
C166VX-38578 C++ #pragma section not working for the initialized module static variables
C166VX-38579 hldump166 does not print pointer type qualifiers
C166VX-38580 hldump near pointers are reported to have sizeof 4 instead of 2
C166VX-38585 S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-38586 Wrong end addresses for reserved areas after importing board configuration
C166VX-38590 C library support ("FSS") may not work properly in the presence of a function called stat(...)
C166VX-38596 Name mangling when using MIL splitting not documented
C166VX-38597 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
C166VX-38601 Control program does not pass -gall switch to the C compiler but passes a non supported -all switch to the assembler
C166VX-38603 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed
C166VX-38607 incorrect hexfile generated when huge array crosses a 64kB segment boundary
C166VX-38610 Downloading fails if no section .debug_info
C166VX-38615 Undeserved compiler warning W507 "variable xxx is possibly uninitialized"
C166VX-38617 lk166 F009: internal error: file id does not exist
C166VX-38620 Debugger hangs when adding View "RTOS WIndow"
C166VX-38621 Eclipse does not recognize -usr0 and -usr1 in assembly files
C166VX-38626 Debugger does not work with newer versions of DAS
C166VX-38627 Flash programming may fail where devices abut
C166VX-38628 ISO C99 macros FP_NAN, FP_INFINITE, etc missing
C166VX-38629 Missing ISO C99 floating point library functions
C166VX-38630 ISO C99 macro INFINITY is missing
C166VX-38631 ISO C99 strtof("INFINITY") not supported
C166VX-38632 ISO C99 macros/functions MATH_* macros and math_errhandling missing
C166VX-38633 Function atof does not always correctly convert constants with a "binary-exponent-part" ('p')
C166VX-38634 Incorrect localtime with return from mktime
C166VX-38635 Scanf does not leave next argument untouched when it should
C166VX-38636 Function swprintf does not correctly write output buffer
C166VX-38637 rintf does not give correct result
C166VX-38639 LSL keyword load_addr ignored by output sections
C166VX-38640 c166 S900: internal consistency check failed error
C166VX-38643 Value of local long variable not shown by debugger: <no storage assigned>
C166VX-38644 Debugger does not show local bit variable: <Error. Target register read failed.>
C166VX-38645 Life time of local variable not ended in time
C166VX-38650 Stack breakpoint only works once
C166VX-38651 No error reported when breakpoint cannot be placed
C166VX-38652 Breakpoints disappear after reloading application
C166VX-38653 Breakpoint set in Disassembly view is disabled after relaunching session
C166VX-38654 Adding breakpoint via source line in Disassembly view may not work properly
C166VX-38661 A local const struct may not become initialized
C166VX-38664 Eclipse hangs after starting a debug session
C166VX-38666 #pragma ident results in an error
C166VX-38674 The -w command-line option filtered out the warnings turned into errors by -A
C166VX-38705 Different src file generated during successive builds
C166VX-38732 Preprocessor ignores definitions in nested includes
C166VX-38742 neq_spf.src and neq_dpf.src should return true if any argument is NaN
C166VX-38783 Using C163-24D results in lk166 W975: white-space separator required before replacement list
C166VX-38791 Debugger might be inoperable after breakpoints were removed when an application is running
C166VX-38814 Adding hex or srec file for download on existing project fails
C166VX-38827 Erroneous MISRA C:2012 rule 10.3 violation report
C166VX-38828 Wrong description of option '--language' its default
C166VX-38832 Flash programming may fail if external memory is involved
C166VX-38836 List file not generated when 'Keep temporary files' off
C166VX-38855 Function declaration where the asterisk in the declaration of a typedefed function pointer parameter is omitted
C166VX-38863 Non justified if condition optimization

Improvements and/or New Features

C166VX-34923 Eclipse debugger cannot be started from the command line
C166VX-35297 Make selectable bypasses and checks CPU dependent
C166VX-35298 Mention "#pragma section default" in the manual besides "#pragma endsection".
C166VX-35932 Change the default section naming to {type}_{name}
C166VX-35947 Disable "New Line Mode" in the FSS input window
C166VX-35966 Feature to store build output into a file
C166VX-35967 Address range of page_size should have same meaning as other address ranges
C166VX-35992 Add pragma to align struct members as with the classic product
C166VX-36014 Import/Export Project-Options of project settings
C166VX-36037 Function pointer are only displayed as address
C166VX-36054 Remove message "Please reset the target board"
C166VX-36093 CR: show enum's value symbolically
C166VX-36097 E109: address space mismatch
C166VX-36195 Let the run-LED on the wiggler reflect the status of the processor
C166VX-36336 Global type checking
C166VX-36360 Add speed attribute column to memory table in LSL editor
C166VX-36397 32-bit shift optimization possible using MAC instruction set.
C166VX-36417 Remove inconsistent SFR bits/fields by using full name description
C166VX-36486 possibility to generate or update the makefile(s) from the command line
C166VX-36559 debug info for struct members should take into account __unaligned / __packed__
C166VX-36608 Add copy functionality to map file viewer
C166VX-36686 Support for XC22xxH, XC27x7X and XE16xxH
C166VX-36729 add option/pragma to allocate romdata sections in init sections
C166VX-36864 amk: add a solution to pass command line options of amk to nested invocations
C166VX-36867 Remove unreferenced static variabels
C166VX-36880 amk: implement conditional preprocessor (if/ifdef/else) support in amk
C166VX-36896 Support for XC22xxN, XC23xxB, XC27x4X and XE16xxN
C166VX-36964 Update DAS to v2.7.1
C166VX-36983 Add support for XC2000ED and EasyKit Board
C166VX-37019 Location cannot be specified when importing a DAvE project
C166VX-37062 constant propagation can be improved
C166VX-37094 Optimize dead stores on stack
C166VX-37098 Support for "Inactive code highlight" using the LSL editor
C166VX-37231 Add SCA/CERT options to Eclipse
C166VX-37232 Support for SCA and CERT checks
C166VX-37276 allow passing arguments to dbg166
C166VX-37294 Debugger lacks option to load Motorola S-record file
C166VX-37309 Add support for new DAP miniWiggler
C166VX-37334 Update XC23xxB devices
C166VX-37345 Add .INIT/.DONE targets to the generated makefile
C166VX-37349 Let volatile read and write operations block optimizations
C166VX-37362 Trigger warning message when project properties file is about to be overwritten
C166VX-37372 MCDS Support
C166VX-37373 New __attribute__((export))
C166VX-37374 Eclipse map file viewer improvements
C166VX-37375 Don't lock a license at Eclipse startup
C166VX-37379 Add -Av compiler option to Eclipse
C166VX-37386 Multiple Base Addresses for Flash Chips
C166VX-37387 Generate a clean target in makefiles
C166VX-37400 Update to DAS version 2.9.0
C166VX-37420 add an option to generate a dependency file
C166VX-37423 Improve debug info at optimization level 0 by enabling coalescer
C166VX-37424 Implement support for .INIT / .DONE targets
C166VX-37425 Output redirecting and appending in amk
C166VX-37426 amk: Add support for atuomatic variable $*
C166VX-37427 amk: implement static pattern rules
C166VX-37428 New makefile functions: foreach, filter-out, filter
C166VX-37449 Add an option to list all defined macros
C166VX-37460 Modify architecture LSL files for separate code and data support
C166VX-37484 Add TC1 changes of the MISRA-C standard
C166VX-37497 Map File viewer: re-size hover popup when it has the focus after pressing F2
C166VX-37498 Map File viewer: change color automatically when adding a new filter
C166VX-37507 Add toolchain version to window title
C166VX-37512 Upgrade Eclipse to the Galileo release
C166VX-37514 It is not clear one can fill in an absolute address at the Data breakpoint dialog
C166VX-37524 amk.exe: inaccurate descriptions for option -G and -J
C166VX-37530 amk.exe: it should be mentioned in the users guide that "ifdef", "ifndef", "else" or "endif" must start at the beginning of a line
C166VX-37539 amk: Allow leading space for directives
C166VX-37554 Add PLL registers to the "Register" tab of the C Startup Code Editor for the XE16x derivatives
C166VX-37609 add processor selection capability to new project wizard
C166VX-37611 Add support for all XE166M devices
C166VX-37612 Add feature to C compiler to dump header file tree
C166VX-37621 Add checks for MISRA-C rules 5.5, 5.7, 6.2, 8.8, 8.9
C166VX-37668 Add support for unnamed struct/unions
C166VX-37676 New high level object dumper
C166VX-37690 Text global option for mil-linking is not clear
C166VX-37706 Update to DAS version 3.3.1
C166VX-37707 Bring device support in sync with Infineon Microcontroller PocketGuide 2010
C166VX-37709 Allow loading multiple ELF files with symbolic debug info during debugging
C166VX-37714 Debug error: An ORTI file also requires a KSM Module
C166VX-37719 Better documentation of input parameters of __asm
C166VX-37750 Check if used MIL files and MIL archives have the correct MIL version
C166VX-37769 Global type checking must also check struct/union tags.
C166VX-37837 Specify which memory map must be used by default
C166VX-37838 Add id to map statements
C166VX-37883 Add support to cstart for enabling ICACHE
C166VX-37884 Define the product path in make files by means of a macro
C166VX-37887 improve rendering of bit addresses
C166VX-37911 Update JRE to version 6
C166VX-37920 Change Program_Flash in LSL files to Flash
C166VX-37932 Add size column to tables on flash properties page
C166VX-37937 Add support for EasyKit XC2320S
C166VX-37939 Update SFR files for XC2200L/XC2300D/XC2703X/XE166xL to latest Infineon SFR specification
C166VX-37940 Update SFR files for XC2200U/XC2300S/XC2702X/XE166xU to latest Infineon SFR specification
C166VX-37984 Lite edition tools must run under DAvE Drive
C166VX-38002 PSRAM and ICACHE documentation additions for c166_user_guide.pdf
C166VX-38014 add amk option for generating make targets
C166VX-38028 Update DTC files (*.dtc) for new Eclipse implementation
C166VX-38030 Checker for issue 119-38017 (Array index incorrectly calculated)
C166VX-38032 re-add Restart button to Debug view toolbar
C166VX-38037 Add __LITE__ macro definition in Lite edition's linker
C166VX-38039 In disassembly, debugger should use function name instead of ELF label for coco functions
C166VX-38044 Move to Helios release, Eclipse 3.6.1 and CDT 7.0.1
C166VX-38045 Move linker script settings to properties pages
C166VX-38046 Implement C Startup configuration as properties pages
C166VX-38048 Introduce 'Active Project'
C166VX-38054 The initial LSL file used in Eclipse must be tuned for XC2000/XE166
C166VX-38056 priority attribute as alias for speed attribute
C166VX-38062 Require selection of device at project creation
C166VX-38063 Remove the Target Board Configuration wizard
C166VX-38064 Switch directly to DAvE code generator
C166VX-38072 describe in manual that no debug information is generated for variables defined using __atbit
C166VX-38092 Label pragmas
C166VX-38106 Make active project selection available from the Project menu
C166VX-38111 Change #include __CPU__ in de template lsl file in the actual cpu
C166VX-38118 Only show debug configurations of active project
C166VX-38123 Change Run menu into Debug menu with more useful contents
C166VX-38145 Select a target board and configuration when creating a new project
C166VX-38153 Add support for EasyKit XC2234L
C166VX-38166 Validate the value field in the Startup Registers Property page
C166VX-38167 Show an error if the processor and the target do not match in a debug configuration
C166VX-38174 Show patterns at "Error Parser Options" for the TASKING error parser
C166VX-38183 Making use of the include_directories list in .debug_info sections
C166VX-38198 Pass -D__CPU_<CPU>__ option to linker
C166VX-38200 Add checkbox to let the assembler read the SFR file.
C166VX-38248 Add and adapt long option names of amk
C166VX-38278 Make profiling views aware of active project
C166VX-38284 Move over to Indigo; Eclipse 3.7.1 and CDT 8.0.1
C166VX-38286 Debugger lacks option to load Intel hex file
C166VX-38289 Dump copy table in readable format
C166VX-38311 Add option to display the list of available CPUs for the -C/--cpu option
C166VX-38314 Support for Tantino wiggler
C166VX-38322 C++ compiler option to suppress specific warnings
C166VX-38348 Do not create a simulator launch configuration for a new project
C166VX-38350 Update DAS to v4.0.5
C166VX-38352 macro FSS_MINIMAL in library make files seems to be superfluous
C166VX-38372 Extend hldump with support for displaying multiple source lines per address
C166VX-38380 Set registers to default when switching processor
C166VX-38381 Add processor selection and board configuration selection to board import wizard
C166VX-38383 Remove duplicate code sections improvement
C166VX-38395 Superfluous warning for xc16x derivatives about not saving Multiply/Divide Control register
C166VX-38402 Update SFR files to updated Infineon XML SFR file distribution
C166VX-38409 Update C++ compiler to EDG 4.2
C166VX-38417 show dialog suggesting re-download when ELF file has changed on disk
C166VX-38432 C compiler cache to improve compilation times
C166VX-38461 update JRE to version 7
C166VX-38473 Ask for DAS installation when starting debugger, remove DAS installer from TASKING setup
C166VX-38520 Support for exclusion of sections from unreferenced section removal
C166VX-38560 Implement the C1x _Static_assert of the 9899:2011 standard
C166VX-38581 Multiple fixes and improvements in high level dump tool
C166VX-38608 Code generation could be optimized for bit access of a bit struct which is part of a union in __bita memory
C166VX-38660 Update the C++ front-end to the EDG C++ front-end 4.9 release for C++11 support
C166VX-38719 Add the predefined macro _CPP_WCHAR_T
C166VX-38723 Update all tools to use the TASKING License Management (TLM)
C166VX-38756 Update to Luna
C166VX-38758 Update JRE to version 8 update 51
C166VX-38771 C++ Compiler update to EDG 4.9
C166VX-38784 Floating point options changed, option --fpmodel introduced

Closed Issues

This is a list of issues that have been closed with a resolution other than fixed. This list contains issues that will not be fixed, issues that appeared to be not a problem and/or issues that could not be reproduced. The list of fixed issues for v2.1r3 is not shown here, it is included in the release notes of the product.

Cannot Reproduce

C166VX-37292 Include directory not always specified for Release configuration
C166VX-37418 as166 S904: unrecoverable error: unhandled exception
C166VX-37546 Eclipse syntax errors when using C166 specific language qualifiers
C166VX-37990 After canceling the link process, all source files are compiled again when a new build is started

Won't Fix

C166VX-34895 No confirmation or warning when using "Restore Defaults" or "Set CPU defaults"
C166VX-35289 When selecting about 1000 warnings Eclipse becomes extremely slow
C166VX-35347 Missing information about size unit (MAU)
C166VX-35365 problem with initialization of memory map of the debug instrument
C166VX-35538 Option to suspend peripherals during an OCDS break using XC2287
C166VX-35672 File name not shown in Problem Window
C166VX-35760 "Display as Array" in the Variables view does not work
C166VX-35964 Hanging FLEXlm licenses
C166VX-36277 Built-in macros like __getbit() lack parameter checking
C166VX-36308 Parallel build, with internal builder always in a complete rebuild
C166VX-36407 CALLS generated inside interrupt table for BUS.18 bypass.
C166VX-36623 No decent way to define a 'hot attach' for DAS
C166VX-36629 No message on replaced cstart/lsl file
C166VX-36630 No project information in caption when generating a new cstart/lsl file
C166VX-36632 Cannot delete all items from the Problems view in one action
C166VX-36861 c166 W563: '##' does not produce a valid preprocessing token
C166VX-37001 Incorrect debug info for optimized (emptied) cptable functions
C166VX-37018 Activate RTOS views on a relaunch of the application
C166VX-37238 "Loading failed" when using FS-FORTH 276 eval board
C166VX-37346 as166 assertion error when using string with .dsptr directive
C166VX-37522 scanner info problem: cc166 E200: commandline: cannot open option file "<file name>"
C166VX-37695 Violation of Cert rule INT30 not recognized
C166VX-37804 DAS LPT does not work on Windows Vista and Windows 7
C166VX-37842 ROM data sections located unexpetedly in the third page of a segment
C166VX-37913 Eclipse terminated with exit code -1 after increasing maximum heap size in eclipse.ini
C166VX-38055 __atbit defined variables not visible in debugger
C166VX-38069 FLEXlm activating borrow requires all components to be run once in order to work
C166VX-38189 Document the 'Classic Update' feature in the TASKING preference page
C166VX-38313 Eclipse syntax errors using a *.C file with TASKING extensions
C166VX-38364 With a 1 user floating license borrow is impossible
C166VX-38365 environment variable TASKING_LIC_WAIT does not seem to be working as expected
C166VX-38373 Different result for long double calculation when constant propagation is switched on/off
C166VX-38545 Indexer cannot find include files located outside workspace
C166VX-38593 Eclipse error "!MESSAGE FrameworkEvent.ERROR"
C166VX-38602 option -Oe expression simplification leads to incorrect 32/16 -> 16 bit modulo instructions
C166VX-38638 PTRDIFF_MIN and PTRDIFF_MAX have non C99-compliant values
C166VX-38854 Pointers to different functions shall not be equal

Not a problem

C166VX-36766 Undeserved MISRA-C 19.4 warning
C166VX-36988 Compiler setting should be checked when importing a DAvE project
C166VX-37503 Debugger: execution only halted after 4 additional instructions when hitting a data write breakpoint using OCDS
C166VX-37521 amk.exe: space not always allowed between command line option and its argument
C166VX-37590 Incorrect Floating Point lib behavior for NaN calculations
C166VX-37646 Target processor not understood by assembler
C166VX-37670 Error after a Restart: "The total number of hardware code breakpoints and hardware data breakpoints cannot exceed 4"
C166VX-37712 Wrong optimization when using inline assembly
C166VX-37813 local symbol information not shown in map file
C166VX-38188 qualifier __packed__ has no effect when applied in front of keyword "struct"
C166VX-38206 Strange behaviour switch table in C++ file
C166VX-38453 Compiler does not generate a warning for uninitialized struct members
C166VX-38474 JRE 7 not installed when JRE 6 is already present

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