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Open Issues

This is a list of currently open issues for the TASKING VX-toolset for RH850 v2.1r1. The list may include issues found in later releases, whether such issues also appear in this release has not always been verified yet. See below for the list of closed issues. The list of fixed issues for v2.1r1 is included in the release notes of the product.


RH850VX-142 interrupts : EIPC etc. need DWARF number
RH850VX-167 add_support for __set_EP()
RH850VX-204 Restart button problem when waiting for FSS input
RH850VX-209 New Welcome screen
RH850VX-215 Incorrect assembly when generating @ha()+@lo() combos
RH850VX-216 downloading fails if no section .debug_info
RH850VX-219 Using a 32x32->64 MUL causes internal error S 917
RH850VX-227 no error reported when breakpoint cannot be placed
RH850VX-228 'Break on exit' does not work correctly
RH850VX-235 breakpoints disappear after reloading application
RH850VX-236 adding breakpoint via source line in Disassembly view may not work properly
RH850VX-237 stack breakpoint only works once
RH850VX-241 Assembler accepts illegal code (r0)
RH850VX-266 Incorrect order of parameters of .PAGE control in the manual
RH850VX-316 Assigning value to multi-register variable may fail (silently)
RH850VX-324 Remove "Generate lookup tables" (--switch=lookup) from Eclipse
RH850VX-326 Computer ID calculation for node locked client may fail
RH850VX-335 control program passes -g incorrectly to compiler
RH850VX-338 control program --ignore-default-library-path incorrect
RH850VX-339 control program --no-default-libraries option should not suppress library paths
RH850VX-349 __START conflicts with interrupts 0 and 1
RH850VX-376 Eclipse object filename suffix should be .o instead of .obj
RH850VX-377 MIL linking of queens example produces warnings on ffush.c and cstart.c
RH850VX-390 Script debugger not in start menu
RH850VX-391 Trace not working with queens example
RH850VX-401 Hardware instruction trace sometimes stops
RH850VX-612 32-bit sized unconditional BR instructions are invalid (17-bit displacement)
RH850VX-734 V850_TPW23BIT relocation is wrongly filled in

Improvements and/or New Features

RH850VX-248 Update Eclipse/CDT to Luna
RH850VX-252 Update TASKING LM to v1.2
RH850VX-263 Enable mil-linking, code compaction and profiling from Eclipse
RH850VX-280 Add Professional Edition
RH850VX-290 Optimisation : 64bit shifts can be better
RH850VX-327 Improve license check during installation.
RH850VX-357 Add .alias directive to assembler
RH850VX-360 Enable subscript strength reduction
RH850VX-367 forward store needs tuning
RH850VX-371 Add new C1x, E1x, P1x and R1x devices
RH850VX-375 Add board support to the debugger
RH850VX-69 Code compaction
RH850VX-84 Build for application wide optimizations (MIL linking)
RH850VX-93 Add profiling support

Closed Issues

This is a list of issues that have been closed with a resolution other than fixed. This list contains issues that will not be fixed, issues that appeared to be not a problem and/or issues that could not be reproduced. The list of fixed issues for v2.1r1 is not shown here, it is included in the release notes of the product.

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