Open and Closed Issues for TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore v3.3r1Log in

Open Issues

This is a list of currently open issues for the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore v3.3r1. The list may include issues found in later releases, whether such issues also appear in this release has not always been verified yet. See below for the list of closed issues. The list of fixed issues for v3.3r1 is included in the release notes of the product.


TCVX-31481 Deviating syntax for three-input boolean operations
TCVX-32981 Compiler generates incorrect code for pre-increment
TCVX-33694 Archiver information not directed to stdout
TCVX-33953 Completely remove unsupported main.h functions or add them
TCVX-34183 Assembler should by default make code sections at least 2 byte aligned
TCVX-34395 Pragma's incorrectly related to next object within C++ sources
TCVX-34523 Assembler uses extreme amount of memory
TCVX-35121 Compiler out of memory (F103)
TCVX-35331 Unresolved symbol for shared memory reference: _lc_s_<symbol>
TCVX-36404 Circular buffers on the stack are not correctly aligned
TCVX-36432 Incorrect 'Expression out of range' for absolute section
TCVX-36491 LSL files have incorrect A(1,2,8,9)_START macro name
TCVX-36527 implementation of #pragma pack in c++
TCVX-36573 control program uses wrong .d suffix when choosing to preprocess
TCVX-36682 Wrong conversion from sfract to short
TCVX-36684 #pragma section code applied to all functions of the module
TCVX-36685 --indirect switch and __indirect function qualifier not supported by C++
TCVX-36752 Debugger lacks option to load Motorola S-record file
TCVX-36800 Improve support for multiple maps per memory in LSL editor
TCVX-36811 FSS support does not work for TriCore and PCP at the same time
TCVX-36937 Single precision FP calculation error, incorrect mantissa rounding
TCVX-36982 S911 (segfault) when option -rb is used (generate code for bounds checking)
TCVX-36990 debugger crashes on launch if user does not have admin rights (on XP)
TCVX-37054 Incorrect behavior involving mirrored memory ranges
TCVX-37083 disassembly of instructions involving code addresses may be incorrect
TCVX-37084 Selecting "Symbolic Representation" fails for certain registers
TCVX-37192 Object file is being hidden in C/C++ Projects view
TCVX-37329 MConfig is not changed when changing processor
TCVX-37342 problems in debugger with negative enum elements
TCVX-37348 MCDS views should not be present
TCVX-37362 mil-linking in combination with certain profile options causes S911
TCVX-37419 Cannot locate application due to copy table optimization
TCVX-37422 Inconsistent #pragma align, --align and __align() implementation
TCVX-37433 DTSCON sfr definition missing in sfr header files for TC1167, TC1197, TC1767 and TC1797
TCVX-37458 C++ : __asm() refuses specific constraint letters a, d or e
TCVX-37467 cptc: option --create-pch dysfunctional
TCVX-37482 Incorrect warning regarding cpu-tc048
TCVX-37492 Missing EBU registers in cstart configuration
TCVX-37493 The assembler exits incorrectly with a very large assembly file
TCVX-37498 Debugger Variables view has no feature to show (s)fract type variables
TCVX-37539 TSIM does not support PCP CSA protection
TCVX-37541 Debugger stops before PCP error on a PRAM partition check
TCVX-37556 MISRA-C 2004 Rule 19.13 must be 'Advisory'
TCVX-37573 same value for __lc_ue_table and __lc_ub_table with copytable > 0
TCVX-37574 Unexpected error: The currently display page contains invalid values/NullPointerException
TCVX-37576 Incorrect mMAX and mMIN float instruction selection results in incorrect 0.000F -0.0000F handling
TCVX-37585 Remove option --F/--no-double because of conflicts with --use-double-precision-fp
TCVX-37610 The clock.c must be included in the dhrystone, when TC11IB is choosen
TCVX-37612 From Eclipse import: example project tcpip can not be extracted on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
TCVX-37633 The --cert option is not yet known by the TriCore control program
TCVX-37641 C++ compiler ignores intrinsics with presence of intrinsics.h in local project directory
TCVX-37642 cctc failes to pass -H option to cptc
TCVX-37670 null pointer reserve in PCPDATA RAM not documented
TCVX-37682 Eclipse Error: java.lang.NullPointerException after switch between Build Variables' and 'Discovery Options'
TCVX-37683 cptc E0018: error resulting from argument name 'new' in io.h
TCVX-37693 When rebuilding libc, the fpbits.h file is missing
TCVX-37694 When rebuilding libc, the dbg_trap.c file is missing
TCVX-37695 When rebuilding libc, the fileno.c file is missing
TCVX-37696 When rebuilding PCP libc, the dbg_features.asm file is missing
TCVX-37697 When rebuilding PCP libc, the fileno.c file is missing
TCVX-37698 When rebuilding PCP libc, the fpbits.h file is missing
TCVX-37699 When rebuilding libc, the dbg__exit.c file is missing
TCVX-37700 When rebuilding PCP libc, the dbg__exit.c file is missing
TCVX-37701 When rebuilding PCP libc, the dbg_trap.c file is missing
TCVX-37702 Generate functions in separate sections independent of section renaming.
TCVX-37706 compiler -t<n> option size /speed tradeoff disables loop alignment
TCVX-37708 Initialize byte aligned section
TCVX-37711 Section alignment ordering and copy table compression
TCVX-37715 intrinsic __imaskldmst requires constant propagation
TCVX-37716 Disabling constant propagation with inline function triggers ctc E350: invalid constraint for parameter 0
TCVX-37717 Change the copy table copy unit from 4-bytes to 1-byte.
TCVX-37718 Replace --no-default-section-alignment with --code-section-alignment and --data-section-alignment.
TCVX-37720 Deprecate --section-per-data-object, because it is the default.
TCVX-37724 ctc -OP causes missing function call generation
TCVX-37727 The TC1.6 simulator does not handle the cache[ai].[wi] instructions
TCVX-37731 --no-warnings overrules --warnings-as-error
TCVX-37736 Assembly HLL Debug Information missing
TCVX-37740 Assembler Debug section (for assembly files) are removed by linker
TCVX-37744 Disabling checkbox "Warnings instead of errors" for CERT C code checking has no effect
TCVX-37751 ctc: process hangs and consumes increasing memory resources
TCVX-37754 Minimal Write Unit (MWU)
TCVX-37771 change default code section alignment from 8 to 2.
TCVX-37773 locating functions at absolute address with __at() incorrectly documented
TCVX-37784 sync_on_halt.c cannot be built if --no-tasking-sfr is used
TCVX-37787 artc (Unix) produces wrong uid
TCVX-37789 Array index incorrectly calculated
TCVX-37790 rm: cannot remove 'foo.o': no such file or directory falsely generated when using filename and directory as argument
TCVX-37798 Structures larger then 64-bit are word packed.
TCVX-37802 --align or #pragma align not power of 2, larger equal 4 or 0.
TCVX-37816 possibly incorrect return value from atan2
TCVX-37819 The new default for align is 0
TCVX-37828 All TC1.2 silicon bug workarounds must be removed from the toolset
TCVX-37832 Remove treat double as float
TCVX-37834 There are no stl and libcp libraries with FPU support
TCVX-37841 possibly incorrect return value from atan2
TCVX-37842 incorrect mMAX and mMIN float instruction selection results in incorrect 0.000F -0.0000F handling
TCVX-37854 TriCore, astc S904: unrecoverable error: unhandled exception
TCVX-37862 generated JNE instruction with offset > 15-bits ignored
TCVX-37876 programming byte-programmable flash devices may fail
TCVX-37885 remove obsolete ltc option description for --extra-verbose
TCVX-37887 Automatic loop alignment
TCVX-37927 Slow build when using a floating license on Windows 7
TCVX-37933 description in manual of workaround for CPU_TC.068 contains unclear term "TGE"
TCVX-37975 TC1167 LSL file has incorrect PFlash size
TCVX-37984 User Guide Section 1.4.1: Improve description of 'General syntax of the __asm keyword'
TCVX-37985 aspcp W300: missing end-of-line for last input line -- line / macro concatenation with '\' fails
TCVX-37987 cpcp -OFo hangs on code with inline function definitions
TCVX-37988 has too many ADC entries
TCVX-37989 block-like characters in license error message
TCVX-37997 cstart.c shall not be optimized
TCVX-37999 Find option in TASKING Registers view does not always work
TCVX-38000 False ctc E354: MISRA-C rule 5.2 and 5.7 violation
TCVX-38006 C++ libraries makefiles lack ctc -N0 option beginning with v3.0
TCVX-38007 Plain int bitfields are unsigned, EABI 01-2008 / New compiler option --signed-bitfields needed
TCVX-38013 Improve bitfield operations with offset 0
TCVX-38020 C startup editor not working when cstart.h is in sub directory
TCVX-38021 creating a generic C project triggers error: java.lang.NullPointerException
TCVX-38022 false MISRA W572 7.1 "octal constants (other than zero) shall not be used" for constant 0U
TCVX-38034 Eclipse cstart.c register editor showing wrong register category for EBU_BOOTCFG
TCVX-38035 Include pcpmem in userdef131 and userdef16
TCVX-38037 TC1797 TriBoard external flash problem
TCVX-38041 cptc W0608: this pragma must immediately precede a declaration or statement
TCVX-38049 Section 10.3 of User Guide contains inaccuracies
TCVX-38053 Errors after opening LSL editor on Windows7 because the control program cannot create a temporary file
TCVX-38054 Debugger does not return license after linger time
TCVX-38062 Custom register group configuration, search function not working, group shows wrong register(s)
TCVX-38063 linker hangs when locating user stack at 0xD0001000
TCVX-38065 using multiple #pragma section causes data to end up in wrong section
TCVX-38069 The new TC1.6 boards need MCD support instead of DAD (DAS) support
TCVX-38072 Memory view shows error at fringes of defined memory
TCVX-38074 debugger may not work properly after accessing non-existent memory
TCVX-38076 cstart.c erroneous marking : invalid preprocessor directive #include __SFRFILE__(__CPU__)
TCVX-38077 'Problems' list in message window cannot be selected completely to clear
TCVX-38081 S911 after error message E269 Too many initializers
TCVX-38092 incorrect description in manual of calling convention when returning aggregate
TCVX-38094 Error after selecting Custom Optimization: cpcp E200: commandline: option "-O": invalid sub-option "h"
TCVX-38096 multiple definitions of symbol:"clock" in both "dbg_clock.o" and "clock.o"
TCVX-38097 Remove copysign.c and cpsignf.c from floating point library
TCVX-38108 ctc S911: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-38109 ctc generated code triggers assembler CPU_TC.094. and CPU_TC.065 Sibug warnings
TCVX-38112 Wrong C library linked for --fpu-present --fp-trap
TCVX-38134 sync-on-halt functionality not operational
TCVX-38137 elfdump / hldumptc memory corruption
TCVX-38141 Not all required macros present in math.h
TCVX-38142 ctc error S917 due to __insert intrinsic with width of 0
TCVX-38167 ltc W156: a recursive call chain was found - despite non recursive indirect function call
TCVX-38174 Flashing Intel devices on TriBoard 1130 does not work
TCVX-38190 regtc1798.def/.sfr incorrect address entries for CPS1 - CPS3
TCVX-38191 astc E110: ["test_c16.src" 5230] expected data register - False error for core 1.6
TCVX-38193 a0, a1, a8 and a9 char data word aligned instead of byte alignment.
TCVX-38195 sfr-file of the tc1748 [bar die of tc1798] is not the latest
TCVX-38199 False error: astc E168: ["target.src" 1639407] symbol "_R[1]" already defined at line 1
TCVX-38202 Automatic inclusion of .sfr file has changed in the compiler
TCVX-38203 Option --signed-bitfields must be added to Eclipse
TCVX-38208 The file fabsf_tc.c is missing in the distribution of the libc sources
TCVX-38209 Makefile misses quotes around path with spaces
TCVX-38210 aspcp S904: unrecoverable error: unhandled exception due to comment and line continuation
TCVX-38211 Intrinsic __fabs with a float argument and compiled with -F results in S917
TCVX-38212 In EABI compliant mode, the double must be 8 bytes long instead of 4
TCVX-38216 cptc generates incorrect filler entities in structure
TCVX-38223 CAN Message Objects 64 through 127, definition missing
TCVX-38234 astc : __UM_KERNEL__ and __UM_USER_1__ inconsistency
TCVX-38235 ctc: core 1.6 selection forces FPU code generation
TCVX-38236 missing --core switch causes cctc E307
TCVX-38240 SRECORD result differs with Trial Mode/licensed mode
TCVX-38244 ltc F009: internal error: could not allocate memory
TCVX-38253 ctc S917: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-38261 Wrong NOP opcode generated for filling up alignment gap using .ALIGN pcp assembler directive
TCVX-38262 Default include directory still being showed in the Project view when using compiler option --no-stdinc
TCVX-38266 astc F001: ["\åU" 0] cannot open "\åU"
TCVX-38267 assembler obscures global symbols resulting in ltc error for unresolved external
TCVX-38286 Erroneous Warning W549: condition is always true with default optimization
TCVX-38288 Incorrect debug information for bit-fields
TCVX-38293 assembler requires operands of bit-reverse swap.w to be in the wrong order
TCVX-38299 astc S904 and erroneous E168 due to large amount of debug information
TCVX-38308 C++ compiler allocates too little space for class - causing TRAP at runtime
TCVX-38319 SFR names in C++ files not recognized by indexer
TCVX-38320 Syntax for "CPU_functional_problem / DMU_functional_problem" not clear
TCVX-38321 Keyword highlighting is not working properly for C++ files
TCVX-38351 hex file with out-of-range entry for Extended Linear Adress Record
TCVX-38354 __attribute__ keyword results in incorrect code
TCVX-38359 Linker message "ltc E100: unexpected error: Fatal error occurred" not correct
TCVX-38365 Dependency scan for C++ files: --dep-file option not passed to C++ compiler
TCVX-38391 incorrect file extension .d instead of .pre for preprocessed files
TCVX-38392 ltc produces different .elf output and map file for same set of objects and option set on same PC machine
TCVX-38409 Qualifier volatile causes erroneous W515: ["xyz.c" ] side effects of 'sizeof' operand will be ignored
TCVX-38419 Intrinsic __extru should return unsigned int
TCVX-38421 incorrect loop optimization of char and short
TCVX-38428 cctc sub option -pB causes cctc F106: ["cctc.spec" 505/0] script error: invalid diagnostics tag
TCVX-38438 Incorrect generated code when using constant propagation optimization.
TCVX-38439 possibly incorrect global type checking with const qualifier
TCVX-38452 Control program does not pass --dwarf-version=2 to the assembler when compiler option --eabi-compliant is activated
TCVX-38454 ctc error S900 due to cse
TCVX-38458 upper halfword not cleared for 16 bit value returned by a function and loaded into 32 bit value
TCVX-38460 ctc -Ol: loop optimizer problem
TCVX-38461 peephole optimizer causes word access to an odd address
TCVX-38462 DWARF3 entries in elf file despite using --dwarf-version=2 (DWARF2 mode)
TCVX-38463 SREC / Hexfile manchmal unterschiedlich bei gleichem Input (copytable)
TCVX-38493 ctc E478 : -C switch for TC1793 generates error
TCVX-38506 cstart.c CSA area implementation - safety improvement and correction
TCVX-38524 The inline qualifier is lost in CPP compiler
TCVX-38530 Preprocessor output not located in the same subfolder when sourcefiles are located in a subfolder
TCVX-38543 When using multiple jobs, make utility amk.exe does not wait for all commands to be finished
TCVX-38548 ctc : different code generation from identical source file
TCVX-38550 Disassembly may be incorrect due to misalignment
TCVX-38556 tc1798.lsl tc1791.lsl: incorrect address entry for pflash1
TCVX-38558 ctc -Or (code compaction) causes incorrect lower context content
TCVX-38583 Erroneous MISRA 10.5 / 12.8 violation
TCVX-38585 again: ltc produces different .elf output and map file for same set of objects and option set on same PC machine
TCVX-38603 cstart AURIX: HWP0 should be 00 in endinit clear and set
TCVX-38604 Assembler should treat third operand of rsubs.u as signed
TCVX-38619 Code Analysis and indexer fail to resolve stdio.h
TCVX-38655 Debug and release configuration do not have the same processor selected
TCVX-38663 Replace $FPU control with $NO_FPU
TCVX-38669 TC2D5T: Access to 16bit registers with use of "sfr register structs" is not possible at the moment..
TCVX-38671 ctc -Oy (peephole optimizer) erroneously removes shift operations
TCVX-38672 compiler lacks generation of uninterruptable code for DSTEP, MSTEP and MSTEP64
TCVX-38691 The [ and ] can not be used in select statement
TCVX-38711 Compiler does not complain when private declaration differs
TCVX-38722 The sibug files divide_before/after must be updated for --user-mode=kernel
TCVX-38769 Switch statement with local struct member initializations erroneously optimized away by the compiler
TCVX-38777 Assembler does not handle generic jeq correctly with a too large offset
TCVX-38778 ctc silently aborts without result with large number of inline functions
TCVX-38779 Linker hangs when more than the default 64 CSAs are used, along with sync_on_halt.c
TCVX-38800 "ctc S917: internal consistency check failed" on signed char/long casts and ULL constant
TCVX-38803 hldumptc must be able to dump the corrected asmcs NARDI instructions too
TCVX-38804 SFR initialization must be immediate in code
TCVX-38807 struct pointer argument, incorrect index increment with char type index counter
TCVX-38808 Eclipse does not substitute ${ProjName} when a Workspace folder is selected at "Include paths"
TCVX-38809 cctc causes : ltc W150: invalid search path when enabling a single cpu functional problem workaround switch
TCVX-38810 CPU functional problem settings disabled for no reason
TCVX-38811 Protected libraries for TC1100/TC1130, TC1736, TC1767 and TC1797 are missing
TCVX-38812 cinit.h file is missing thus the C library cannot be rebuilt
TCVX-38813 nearbyint.c, nearbyintf.c, nextafter.c, nextafterf.c are not included in the C library sources
TCVX-38814 with cpu_tc065 enabled : illegal NOP instruction added before jump to _init_sp function
TCVX-38815 EBU_BOOTCFG SFR register initialization is removed by optimizer
TCVX-38817 ctc -Og erroneous ommision of store instruction
TCVX-38820 compiler should emit ctc E200: commandline: option "--core=": invalid sub-option "tc1.6.1"
TCVX-38826 hldumptc MCS ZERO register incorrectly displayed, should be 0xC
TCVX-38828 Incorrect default Aurix Simulator configuration
TCVX-38829 inconsistent results due to (-Ov) Convert IF statements using predicates optimization
TCVX-38832 superfluous bitfields and typedefs
TCVX-38843 ctc erroneously omits intrinsics with default optimization
TCVX-38870 Linker error when debug in a clone function available
TCVX-38883 ctc -Oy overwrites data in registers used for parameter passing
TCVX-38893 instrinsic __swapmskw() causes astc E208 syntax error
TCVX-38894 TriCore EABI violation (Ch
TCVX-38895 TriCore EABI violation, bit-field alignment (Ch
TCVX-38908 cstart semaphore _tcx_end_c_init requires volatile
TCVX-38909 example blink_aurix, led_init_end requires volatile
TCVX-38910 integer arithmetic error due to false order of execution (braces ignored)
TCVX-38911 cstart semaphore _tcx_end_c_init is not cachable
TCVX-38913 Internal constants do not follow memory pragmas
TCVX-38915 AURIX, Reserve BMI headers
TCVX-38920 Linker regards clone sections as ordinary sections
TCVX-38921 C++ #pragma message is not ignored / passed through to C compiler
TCVX-38922 Incorrect error generated for __syscallfunc function proto type.
TCVX-38942 LSL keyword vector_table (user guide) is not relevant for TriCore
TCVX-38949 struct pointer argument, incorrect index increment with char type index counter
TCVX-38962 ltc causes copy table overlap with other code in Locator stage
TCVX-38978 ctc: F103 out of memory error
TCVX-38980 ctc possibly improper SFR struct access cause trap
TCVX-38989 ctc S900: internal consistency check failed -- upon float to int conversion
TCVX-38993 PSPR of cpu1 and cpu2 of tc27x should be 32kB
TCVX-39003 Let the script debugger use the core specific config files
TCVX-39013 project renaming causes build error due to missing component renaming
TCVX-39025 LSL: prevent an allocation of the user stack in the PCP memory
TCVX-39027 tc1387.xml contains wrong defaults for DMI_CON and PMI_CON2
TCVX-39038 Linker fails to extract a library function when object is linked after libs
TCVX-39054 TriBoard TC1793 support with Micron flash
TCVX-39071 TC27xB step, TC26x, TC2d5t sfr have structures B01 and B02 which are the same
TCVX-39077 ltc hangs without further message
TCVX-39079 ltc hangs without further message
TCVX-39087 C++ causes considerable code size increase
TCVX-39107 ctc S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-39108 Compiler may generate different but correct working code across platforms
TCVX-39109 Linker may generate different but correct working executables across platforms
TCVX-39111 libcps_fpu.a built with incorrect setting of macro EXCEPTION_HANDLING
TCVX-39112 ltc F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception
TCVX-39141 artc creates library which causes ltc E106: unresolved external:
TCVX-39144 Elfpatch is unable to find 'command-file' when patching a library
TCVX-39145 On Windows, Elfpatch is unable to start TriCore archiver (artc) when patching a library
TCVX-39150 Sometime the s flag is set or not-set in a section
TCVX-39151 ltc F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception
TCVX-39175 Ignore __jump__ function qualifier for functions that return complex or aggregate types.
TCVX-39177 No warning W154 when estimated user stack size is larger than the allocated size
TCVX-39228 Linker issues F019 with a 2 source project
TCVX-39233 ctc generates signed char storage with ld.bu
TCVX-39238 Typo's in chapter "3.1. Assembly Syntax"
TCVX-39247 Global variables not displayed, not selectable for variable watch
TCVX-39248 Decimal variable display is default - cannot be changed to hexadecimal permanently
TCVX-39249 Struct member display (decimal, hex, etc.) not possible despite existing menu
TCVX-39259 Disassembly view puts active line on top for every instruction step
TCVX-39300 ctc -Of causes local variable not to be properly initialized
TCVX-39416 When using multi-core features with single core LSL the linker throws F111
TCVX-39417 To disable multicore features in C code cctc defines __CORE_TCx__ for --lsl-core=tcx
TCVX-39518 Possible incorrect alignment of groups of sections
TCVX-39525 FPU floating point libraries should not set rounding mode nor should they clear the exception flags
TCVX-39561 LSL memory references in run_addr/load_addr resolve to the first mapping result for a memory mirror
TCVX-39562 Binaries do not run on certain AMD processors
TCVX-39573 Constant propagation optimization causes incorrect result
TCVX-39574 libcps contains exception handling , even if exception handling is turned off
TCVX-39593 ctc -Om (SIMD) uses MIN instead of MAX, resulting in incorrect number of loop iterations
TCVX-39597 ltc produces different .S19 output and map file for same set of objects and option set on different PC machines
TCVX-39599 Compiler should treat third operand of rsubs.u as signed
TCVX-39606 When there is no XC800 init data the section .rodata.xc800init should not be generated
TCVX-39612 Compiler runs into "S917: internal consistency check failed" in a specific piece of code with enum
TCVX-39615 ARM debugger does not work
TCVX-39619 The compiler may run into "S911: internal consistency check failed - please report" with an empty inline function
TCVX-39632 Linker may throw "E821: syntax error: " with an invalid derivative extends name
TCVX-39633 Pragmas code/data_core_association, for_..._data_use_memory not supported by C++ compiler
TCVX-39634 Segmentation fault error when -g (debug) switch is passed to the C++ compiler
TCVX-39639 Compiler may run into "S917: internal consistency check failed - please report" on unary with -OP
TCVX-39648 The linker hangs with user stack size >16kB
TCVX-39650 User Stack variables are used before they were initialized
TCVX-39655 Linker error ltc F009: internal error: file id does not exist
TCVX-39680 Debugger fails to display bitstruct member contents correctly
TCVX-39688 Link error: "syntax error: base derivative tc27xb not found for derivative my_tc27xb"
TCVX-39691 Wrong entries in Copy Table when putting bss (clear) sections in output sections
TCVX-39697 Compiler may throw error S917 in some specific cases with nested struct union
TCVX-39703 ctc preprocessor ignores definitions in nested includes
TCVX-39716 FPU compare result should not include denorm bit.
TCVX-39721 Do not loop optimize for a volatile loop iterator
TCVX-39750 Inconsistent sign extension in ctc
TCVX-39752 TriCore Debugger: Loading failed, value read back does not match / BMHD
TCVX-39755 Static constructors initialization blocked when using multiple cores
TCVX-39765 Selecting include path for missing directory generates invalid make file
TCVX-39767 Documentation error in section 20.1.6: use FMA instead of MAC
TCVX-39768 Missing debugger config-files for AURIX derivatives tc29x, tc26x and tc23x
TCVX-39770 ctc S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-39781 Scanf does not leave next argument untouched when it should
TCVX-39782 Accuracy of functions powf, cpowf, ctanf
TCVX-39783 atof does not always correctly convert constants with a "binary-exponent-part" ('p')
TCVX-39784 Incorrect localtime with return from mktime
TCVX-39785 Incorrect processing of printf "%a" format specifier
TCVX-39787 ISO C99 strtof("INFINITY") not supported
TCVX-39788 ISO C99 macro INFINITY is missing
TCVX-39789 ISO C99 macros FP_NAN, FP_INFINITE, etc missing
TCVX-39790 Missing ISO C99 floating point library functions
TCVX-39792 ISO C99 macros FE_TONEAREST, FE_UPWARD, etc missing
TCVX-39793 ISO C99 macros/functions MATH_* macros and math_errhandling missing
TCVX-39796 Missing compiler diagnostic for too large floating constant
TCVX-39797 Expecting a compiler warning when using an incomplete type in a union
TCVX-39800 Function declaration where the asterisk in the declaration of a typedefed function pointer parameter is omitted
TCVX-39802 ISO C99 IEEE 754 floating point functions prototype has changed
TCVX-39807 Incorrect description of implementation defined behavior of bitwise shif operations.
TCVX-39818 C++ compiler does not include SFR file when automatic inclusion is selected in Eclipse
TCVX-39821 _align attribute / #pragma align not working with initialized variables
TCVX-39857 ltc F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception when 'fill' keyword is used with memory entry
TCVX-39873 Linker unreferenced section removal protection for LSL selections is incomplete
TCVX-39874 Linker creates overlapping entries for sections located in filled reserved ranges with alloc_allowed
TCVX-39891 C++ #pragma section fails on constructor / destructor code
TCVX-39896 Functions printf and sprintf show incorrect IEEE754 single precision formatting / truncation
TCVX-39914 Aurix tc_blink download fails after cold boot.
TCVX-39931 Breakpoint set in Disassembly view is disabled after relaunching session
TCVX-39938 Registers view behaves erratically when switching groups
TCVX-39940 Single entry vector table address is 0xa00f07f8
TCVX-39945 Application may run past main() upon debugger launch if processor initially running
TCVX-39949 Symbolic Register view does not open for certain registers
TCVX-39960 Generate 64-bit immediate values inline floating point run-time.
TCVX-39963 Symbolic Register view does not update directly after launch
TCVX-39978 ctc omits error ctc E290: "array" redeclared with a different array size and sets wrong object size
TCVX-39979 Breakpoint disappears after reload application
TCVX-39980 A make fails on presumably too long command line
TCVX-39997 .FLOAT instruction leads to storage with reverse endiannes incompatible with compiler's float
TCVX-40015 Tail merger fail for store with different Dx sign extended
TCVX-40016 File name with wild card not parsed correctly within Eclipse
TCVX-40081 Incorrect instruction selection loop optimization for signed char or short count loop counter wrap
TCVX-40088 Illegal reordering of volatile accesses
TCVX-40089 C++ compiler warning "cptc W1938: a section pragma may only appear between declarations"
TCVX-40090 Debugger fails to properly display variables
TCVX-40093 No error reported when breakpoint cannot be placed
TCVX-40094 Stack breakpoint only works once
TCVX-40104 .FRACT, .SFRACT, .ACCUM directives leads to storage with reverse endianness incompatible with compiler's equivalents
TCVX-40125 -Oy (Peephole Optimizer) causes loss of sign by zero extension of upper halfword
TCVX-40141 ctc S911: internal consistency check failed / preprocessing
TCVX-40156 Generate warning instead of error when alignment attribute is used for an automatic object.
TCVX-40168 LSL memory definition: incorrect size
TCVX-40175 ctc S911: internal consistency check failed / preprocessing fails
TCVX-40193 Script debugger file I/O dysfunctional
TCVX-40206 Double compares give wrong result with Nan with --fp-model=+float
TCVX-40225 Cannot launch debugger while breakpoint of certain type present
TCVX-40241 Using include file cstdint, results in an error
TCVX-40242 In cstdint there shall be 2 macro define statements to enable the UINT8_MAX and INT8_C et al macros.
TCVX-40244 Computer ID calculation for node locked client may fail
TCVX-40255 cstdint does not export its contents to the std namespace
TCVX-40256 Control flow simplification leads to false result of conversion
TCVX-40274 ctc S911: internal consistency check failed / #pragma nomisrac
TCVX-40289 AURIX callgraph only dumps _START for core0
TCVX-40294 __near .zbss section ignored by __attribute__ ((section("xyz")))
TCVX-40326 Static profiling not working with library subproject
TCVX-40328 ltc option --global-type-checking causes linker to hang
TCVX-40343 Inline assembly example causes astc E110
TCVX-40345 FP library arbitrarily modifies FPU status rounding mode
TCVX-40366 hldumptc error E453 with multicore .elf file
TCVX-40411 Integer arithmetic involving floating point yields incorrect result
TCVX-40418 Debug script may hang up when running to exit
TCVX-40430 Memory consumption may grow without bounds when calling $evaluate
TCVX-40460 Internal consistency check compiler error (S911) sample case
TCVX-40471 Script debugger option "run_to_main" of $download(...) does not work
TCVX-40489 Missing address register initialization for short Ax addressed data
TCVX-40512 ltc --auto-base-register option disabled by --new-task option
TCVX-40525 C compiler error F103: out of memory
TCVX-40526 Segmentation fault for large initialized or const arrays with a size of more than 2051kB
TCVX-40543 C compiler S900: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-40546 ltc option --global-type-checking causes linker to hang
TCVX-40548 Static profiling not working with library subproject
TCVX-40549 Memory consumption may grow without bounds when calling $evaluate
TCVX-40550 Debug script may hang up when running to exit
TCVX-40575 ctc -Oo causes bitfield overwrite
TCVX-40650 When starting debugger Eclipse may not (offer to) switch to Debug perspective
TCVX-40681 The Memory Properties page cannot be used for MCS stand-alone projects
TCVX-40684 Problem with incomplete forward declaration when GNU extensions enabled
TCVX-40690 Pragma noclear in startup code collides with EABI compliance
TCVX-40694 Debug info defines empty struct (-Ag) as declaration
TCVX-40717 Proftool function "main" not found error (F454) when profiling library projects
TCVX-40735 Eclipse option 'Build Selected File(s)' not working
TCVX-40743 C compiler error S900 with --inline option used
TCVX-40749 cstart.c / cstart.h not recognized if moved to project subdirectory
TCVX-40754 Cannot open include file errors (E219) due to unjust C file assembler dependency
TCVX-40766 C compiler error E354: MISRA rule 10.3 violation
TCVX-40778 Initializing code sequence left out
TCVX-40835 Function is returning value from unused stack
TCVX-40867 S900: internal consistency check failed error
TCVX-40918 The elfpatch may not be able to re-create a processed library
TCVX-40949 Linker may fall into an endless loop with optimization "First Fit Decreasing" enabled
TCVX-40976 Fatal compiler out of memory error (F103) sample case
TCVX-40992 C compiler optimization -Og may generate invalid assembly code
TCVX-41004 PCP compiler: Single bit clear far memory error
TCVX-41016 The MCS assembler gives "cannot emit expression" error on addl, subl, ...
TCVX-41051 Linker error ltc F009: internal error: file id does not exist error caused by unreferenced sections removal
TCVX-41110 Selecting copytable in a section which a specific (block)size results in an internal error
TCVX-41153 Locating fails when contiguous is used for an ordered group with __align sections
TCVX-41154 Infinite loop in peephole optimization pattern ne,jne
TCVX-41279 Issues with designated initializers for an element of an array of structs
TCVX-41335 C++ compiler does not correctly align nested complex types
TCVX-41342 Different debug labels generated when the same file is compiled multiple times
TCVX-41343 Wrong entries in copy table when putting bss (clear) sections in output sections
TCVX-41420 Controlling messages does not work in ichk
TCVX-41421 Improve manual to explain revised implementation of #pragma section <type>
TCVX-41619 C compiler error F117: object size must be lower than 256MB error when debug information enabled
TCVX-41633 Invalid sh_entsize for GROUP entry of object section header
TCVX-41659 C compiler error F103: out of memory
TCVX-41734 Manual mentions the non available option --debug
TCVX-41777 Function sqrt() must always return 0 for denormalized values
TCVX-41830 Failed stack array member initialization causes run-time error
TCVX-41833 Missing closing quotes in ORTI debug file
TCVX-41885 Erroneous W549: condition is always false message when constant propagation switched off
TCVX-41925 "HTTP ERROR: 500" using API Reference in context menu
TCVX-41953 Flash programming pane displays truncated flash memory size
TCVX-42038 C compiler ctc S911: internal consistency check failed with MISRA C rule 10.3 enabled
TCVX-42045 C compiler ctc crashes if using a circular reference in structure
TCVX-42047 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed with MISRA C rule 10.2 enabled
TCVX-42054 Linker error ltc F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception
TCVX-42261 False positive warning "W507 variable is possibly uninitialized" with constant propagation optimization switched off
TCVX-42267 Generated pin mapper header file causes E272 compile error due to iLLD name mismatch
TCVX-42299 C++ compiler calculates wrong size for struct copy operation
TCVX-42322 C++ compiler calculates wrong size as argument to the new() operator
TCVX-42331 Instruction scheduler might produce wrong instruction order
TCVX-42332 Dependency scan not working for library projects
TCVX-42352 Floating-point functions that are inlined may clobber registers holding live variables
TCVX-42525 Predefined symbol _lc_x_name can be ambiguous
TCVX-42564 PCP: Multiple errors when running pcp-multi-start example on an evaluation board for the TC1793 or TC1791
TCVX-42582 C++ compiler stops processing a file in preprocess stage
TCVX-42711 Duplicate CMSIS vector table id 21 in tricore_hsm.lsl
TCVX-42750 When the linker does not link any object files it emits an unhelpful error message
TCVX-42874 TASKING Heap view is empty
TCVX-42884 Startup code header files not excluded from MISRA C check
TCVX-42889 STM0 timer not stopped when breakpoint is hit or during single stepping
TCVX-42891 Data breakpoints do not work when MCDS debugging is used
TCVX-42961 Linker hangs when locating clustered sections with alignments
TCVX-42984 Eclipse creates wrong LSL file entry for heap space when single core configuration is used
TCVX-42996 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-43000 Common subexpression elimination causes error ctc E350 with inline assembly
TCVX-43010 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed with MISRA 2012 --misrac=17.5
TCVX-43024 Linker error E150: invalid search path <TriCore_root>\ctc\lib\mcs31\le\
TCVX-43045 C compiler error E350: ["test.c" 11/1] invalid constraint for parameter 1
TCVX-43047 Debugging a TC21x device leads to unknown device error
TCVX-43059 The combination of options -Oi, -Om and -t0 may result in wrong type handling
TCVX-43070 Assertion failed error for a certain C code module with MISRA C:2012 rule 17.5 enabled
TCVX-43075 Compiler error: Front-end... ctc S900: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-43084 C compiler ctc: global volatile variable ignored in loop
TCVX-43092 A project created with MIL linking cannot be debugged
TCVX-43099 LSL file tc1v1_6_2.bmhd.lsl has incorrect BMHD structure for TC39x
TCVX-43102 Optimization of struct return may lead to overlapping struct copy
TCVX-43105 Using the control program leads to different object files due to temporary option file usage
TCVX-43108 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 16.1 violation error for code not using any switch case
TCVX-43114 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 13.5 violation message
TCVX-43116 W528 constant value truncated to type "signed long long int" when signed long long min value used
TCVX-43118 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 10.1 violation message for signed value initialization for min / max values
TCVX-43120 Issues with C++ STLport library: cmath multiple inclusion errors
TCVX-43132 C compiler error ctc S900: internal consistency check failed for core 1.6.2 -O2 --align=4
TCVX-43141 Single to double precision conversion of Infinity not IEEE compliant
TCVX-43166 C++ compiler stops working during preprocess stage
TCVX-43179 Board Configuration import fails
TCVX-43195 Linker misplaces .alignment_protection sections in reserved memory or a reserved section without notice
TCVX-43208 LSL support for TC39x A-Stepping
TCVX-43209 TC39x MCS sieve example memory usage too large and stack too small
TCVX-43216 TC39x: MCDS reset class 4 generates an error when target is reset
TCVX-43219 Control program silently changes floating-point settings when --eabi-compliant option is used
TCVX-43221 MCS cores memory sizes are not correct for TC39x
TCVX-43222 Linker crash and non-deterministic behavior for map file on clone sections in user-defined memories
TCVX-43224 Unnamed union members are not displayed in the 'Variables' view of the debugger
TCVX-43233 Linker error F009 when an initialized output section is used with copy and blocksize attributes
TCVX-43237 Assembler astc: truncates command line option listing in generated object file
TCVX-43251 TriCore C compiler error S900 with complex control flow
TCVX-43309 Compiler reorders memory accesses to potentially aliasing locations
TCVX-43315 C compiler ctc hangs on specific code/option combination
TCVX-43335 Linker error E121: relocation error when a function is placed in an initialized output section without fill
TCVX-43365 C++ compiler warning E0338: more than one instance of overloaded function "__tgmath__fpclassify__1" has "C" linkage
TCVX-43371 Debugger error: Loading failed : Target is not responding (timed out)
TCVX-43383 C compiler ctc F103: out of memory
TCVX-43386 STLport C++ header files contain unnecessarily complex references to TASKING STL header files
TCVX-43397 XC800 SFR register addresses need overhaul for AURIX 2G
TCVX-43401 C compiler error ctc S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-43407 Erroneous C compiler warning W529: overflow in constant expression
TCVX-43413 Compound literals using const values are placed in RAM memory
TCVX-43416 Different debug labels generated when the same file is compiled multiple times
TCVX-43434 Linker abnormal termination: ltc appcrash when using lsl checksum()
TCVX-43440 C++ compiler error: cptc E0498: ["\include.cxx\limits" 490] template argument list must match the parameter list
TCVX-43447 The clock() function the C library does not disable interrupts for AURIX and AURIX 2G devices
TCVX-43464 Perennial C P64072 fails on overlapping struct initialization
TCVX-43479 Viewing local variables (in a C function) sometimes results in message 'no storage assigned'
TCVX-43481 C++ compiler does not allow section renaming for class static variables
TCVX-43488 Compiler ctc accepts deprecated option --no-macs and generates code accordingly
TCVX-43511 C compiler error using -Of : ctc S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-43515 C compiler error S911: internal consistency check failed error when control flow simplification disabled
TCVX-43517 Math functions log10f() and log2f() use double precision arithmetic
TCVX-43519 SFR files allow unaligned access to GTM registers for TC3xx
TCVX-43521 C++ compiler using C++ 2003 standard cannot process _Pragma(...)
TCVX-43538 Linker counts scratch sections as reserved sections under 'Memory usage in bytes'
TCVX-43539 Reserve last CSAs for the FCD trap handler
TCVX-43542 Product update cannot complete due to conflicting dependencies
TCVX-43549 C compiler error ctc S900: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-43572 Incorrect warning W541: possibly uninitialized variable
TCVX-43573 Linker error E172: Could not completely fill memory when an absolute located reserved section is used
TCVX-43574 Pragma warning not working for warning W508 'empty source file'
TCVX-43580 Alignment for bit-field of size 0 does not conform to the TriCore EABI
TCVX-43595 LSL reserved sections may be selected by select statements resulting in a corrupt internal linker state
TCVX-43596 Pin Mapper does not support using single ended DSADC module input signals
TCVX-43599 C compiler error S900: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-43603 C++ example using unordered map container does not build
TCVX-43606 Linker error ltc E821: Could not fill area when a ROM copy section with size not multiple of 4 added to a BMHD range
TCVX-43610 Copy table in output section overwritten by next section in output section
TCVX-43612 Issue related to custom initialization code when using an MCS subproject
TCVX-43626 XBAR0_SRI_BusErrorEvent alarm triggered by non linked fputc function
TCVX-43627 Removed section entries in map file have a different order for equal builds
TCVX-43642 Pragma section all not working as described
TCVX-43649 C++11: use of <cassert> and assert.h causes: cptc E0040, cptc W0161: unrecognized #pragma
TCVX-43658 Linker fails to locate an application when first fit decreasing optimization is enabled
TCVX-43664 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report error related to struct initialization values
TCVX-43673 Linker error ltc F019 after emitting object files
TCVX-43686 Safety Manual: verification on host Windows 10
TCVX-43687 Linker: ltc hangs when using linker -OcLtxy optimization or ctc -O3
TCVX-43689 __imaskldmst intrinsic generates wrong code when 32 bits are written
TCVX-43690 C Compiler: ctc S911: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-43691 Reading the CCNT CSFR register fails in the simulator debugger
TCVX-43695 Pin Mapper: TC39xB Gigabit Ethernet : GETH:PPS / P14.4 output pin functionality not available
TCVX-43704 Non justified if condition optimization
TCVX-43706 Utility hldumptc error F171 caused by specific large object file
TCVX-43707 Single precision library functions should not use double precision operations
TCVX-43709 I2C1 peripheral configuration not possible using Pin Mapper on TC38x/LFBGA292
TCVX-43711 NMI trap generated when TC38x or TC39xB derivative simulated
TCVX-43714 User stack calculation includes stack usage of non referenced functions
TCVX-43730 MISRA C:2012 rule 10.4 violation when enum with 2 elements is used in a comparison
TCVX-43732 Wrong LSL file entry for XC800 stack sections leads to E821 error
TCVX-43737 Misleading warning W541 possibly uninitialized variable
TCVX-43738 E821 linker error when BMHD checksum range includes a copytable followed by aligned section
TCVX-43744 Wrong cycle count values in assembler generated list file for AURIX 2G
TCVX-43745 Erroneous warning ctc W555: function declared with __noreturn__ attribute may return
TCVX-43746 ARM: long branch veneers do not work when a call is made from RAM to ROM
TCVX-43749 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 10.3 violation error for bit-field initialization
TCVX-43754 HLL dump tool does not include information about a static void function in the symbol table
TCVX-43755 C compiler error E350 invalid constraint for inline assembly code relying on C compiler optimizations
TCVX-43759 Assembler error astc E118: expected <string> when a semicolon is used in an include directory name
TCVX-43773 TASKING properties export does not include file/folder local settings
TCVX-43839 Profiling results not written when full MIL linking used
TCVX-43859 Predefined macro __GNUC__ when --g++ option is used is not described
TCVX-43868 Run-time error for double _Complex expression passing to a function
TCVX-43880 Elfdump segmentation fault error when initialized functions included in the ELF file
TCVX-43881 Compiler MISRA 2012 rule 9.5 : incorrect flagging of rule violation
TCVX-43882 Pin Mapper CSV output does not include pin names for VGATE1N / VGATE1P
TCVX-43893 C compiler omits value assignment to pointer type function argument with forward store optimization enabled
TCVX-43913 Compile-time concatenation of character string literal with unicode string literal fails
TCVX-43921 Setting breakpoint during debug session - single stepping does not execute next steps
TCVX-43928 Incorrect reordering of volatile memory reads
TCVX-43930 Inconsistent .cproject file content after a project clean
TCVX-43931 EMEM memory definition missing in TC35x LSL file
TCVX-43938 Missing W541 possibly uninitialized variable warning when constant propagation disabled
TCVX-43939 Missing MISRA C:2012 rule 9.1 violation error for conditional initialized automatic with -OP
TCVX-43994 Linker ltc allows duplicate interrupt vectors to be located in vector table
TCVX-43998 Invalid constant propagation with tripple indirection
TCVX-44002 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 12.4 violation error
TCVX-44006 Interpretation of preprocessing numbers is too strict
TCVX-44008 Include file may be skipped when same filename is included from different directories
TCVX-44009 LSL memory fill does not align fill pattern
TCVX-44013 Delete unreferenced sections removes debug information for alias of a symbol
TCVX-44043 Incorrect conversion of _Complex type to _Bool
TCVX-44069 C compiler error S911: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-44077 C compiler generates malloc call for non-constant expression in array
TCVX-44082 Intrinsics __extracthwN and __extractbbyteN may return wrong result
TCVX-44102 Loop invariant code optimization issue
TCVX-44195 Missing HLL symbol information for inlined functions
TCVX-44203 C compiler hangs when flexible array member is erroneously initialized
TCVX-44260 Linker: ltc - Segmentation fault on LSL output section in overlay group
TCVX-44286 Directive .size missing for run-time library functions and some C library functions
TCVX-44302 Chapter 'Linker Labels' needs clarification about end address labels
TCVX-44325 User stack pointer 4-byte aligned when interrupt occurs between FCALL and FRET
TCVX-44378 Section summary information cuts off long function names
TCVX-44387 Erroneous code in code compaction function leads to invalid function parameter

Improvements and/or New Features

TCVX-34723 Improved code generation for logical 32-bit right shift on long long operand
TCVX-34883 Have a possibility to get from an object version and/or build number as well of tools (compiler, assembler)
TCVX-35003 Feature loop instruction for loops with modifiable lvalue test expression
TCVX-35405 Sample case optimisation request
TCVX-35995 Do not stop inside an interrupt routine when using OCDS hardware breakpoint
TCVX-36262 Optimization opportunity for C source using bitfields
TCVX-36298 Implement the new feature "Global type checking"
TCVX-36436 Add __attribute__((__align(n)))
TCVX-36599 Data Reference Modification
TCVX-36838 Compiler option to disable clearing of non initialized global data
TCVX-36974 Introduce TriCore derivative specific macro
TCVX-37309 unnecessary st16.b [a15],d15 generated
TCVX-37321 Debug format will be DWARF3 by default
TCVX-37417 generate a warning/error message when a __near or __far qualifier is used in a function declaration/definition
TCVX-37507 Add project setup for MIL Library Build
TCVX-37512 New high level object dumper
TCVX-37520 When setting a CPU through the DTC wizard, the CPU of referenced projects is not set simultaneously
TCVX-37526 Link the complete library, not just the needed objects from the library
TCVX-37580 The derivative TC1791 of TC1.6 needs to be supported
TCVX-37581 The derivative TC1793 of TC1.6 needs to be supported
TCVX-37596 Add toolchain version to window title
TCVX-37597 During installation, Eclipse should be uncheckable
TCVX-37605 The derivative TC1768 [TC1387bd] of TC1.3.1 needs to be supported
TCVX-37606 The derivative TC1746 [TC1782bd] of TC1.3.1 needs to be supported
TCVX-37630 Enable CERT for PCP Compiler
TCVX-37631 Jump prediction
TCVX-37638 The librt sources must become part of the distribution
TCVX-37646 New option -pi "profiling information for interrupt functions"
TCVX-37652 Support in TriCore compiler of intrinsic __cacheawi and __cacheiwi
TCVX-37657 Add support for unnamed struct/unions (TriCore and PCP)
TCVX-37660 The derivative TC1748 [TC1798bd] of TC1.6 needs to be supported
TCVX-37672 Change default processor of examples and new projects
TCVX-37690 The libfp and libfpt sources must become part of the distribution
TCVX-37703 The PCP libfp (+libfpt) sources must become part of the distribution
TCVX-37704 Do not align absolute functions
TCVX-37705 The libp (profiling library) sources must become part of the distribution
TCVX-37723 The derivative TC1728 of TC1.3.1 needs to be supported
TCVX-37728 Add feature to C++ compiler to dump header file tree
TCVX-37758 Initialize memories that do not support byte-write.
TCVX-37774 Option to disable generation of Fused Multiply Add/Sub instruction
TCVX-37779 warning in cstart.c about dead assignment
TCVX-37792 End of support of the TriCore TC1.2 core and derivatives
TCVX-37806 Compiler mil archive must be linked to version of compiler
TCVX-37833 Set the start address of CSA after the first 16k of internal ram
TCVX-37835 FPU usage should be the default
TCVX-37890 Intrinsic __fabs and __fabsf
TCVX-37892 Add support for the AUDO MAX derivative TC1784 to the toolset
TCVX-37893 Add the new AUDO MAX derivative TC1184 to the toolset
TCVX-37918 Improve Manual in stack description and related section naming
TCVX-37926 Implementation of Code Compaction optimization for TC1.3 and TC1.3.1
TCVX-37935 ctc warning: __align shall not be used on local variables
TCVX-37937 Add logging/dump of activities to C compiler
TCVX-37939 clib: implement printf format specifier for __circ type
TCVX-37940 Improve linker call graph in map file
TCVX-37942 C++, Option needed to switch between 1998 and 2003
TCVX-37947 A warning is required when assembler instructions "Disable Interrupts" or "Enable Interrupts" are used
TCVX-37961 Support C++03, ISO/IEC 14882:2003.
TCVX-37993 Silicon bug check CPU TC116
TCVX-38002 Extension on Silicon Bug workaround for CPU_TC.116
TCVX-38019 Define the performance of internal memory to be higher then external memory in LSL with speed attribute.
TCVX-38023 Add id to map statements
TCVX-38025 Memory map id and reserve for cached and not cached memory.
TCVX-38028 Remove auto include of reg<cpu>.sfr for --cpu=<cpu> and add new option --tasking-sfr.
TCVX-38033 ctc warning: __align shall not be used on local variables
TCVX-38040 The new AUDO MAX derivative TC1724 of TC1.3.1 needs to be supported
TCVX-38056 According to the EPN, the SiBug CPU_TC.116 needs to be applied to TC1100/15/30
TCVX-38066 Allow in PCP .f instruction the equivalent for size=
TCVX-38071 New option --dwarf-version=<nn> to specify the debug generation version
TCVX-38102 support version 5 of TriBoard 1797
TCVX-38121 Remove order in section group selects of extmem.lsl, tc_arc.lsl and template.lsl
TCVX-38125 Remove the FlexLM feature check 901 for CoCo
TCVX-38127 The C++ compiler is not able to support C language pragmas
TCVX-38152 Remove the WorkAround CPU_TC.116 for TC1766/64/62/66ED, TC1161..66
TCVX-38154 The following derivatives are to be removed: 1100, 1115, 1161, 1162, 1163, 1165.
TCVX-38169 Board support for the TC1791
TCVX-38198 Replace infineon_triboard_tc1767_V2.0.dtc with infineon_triboard_tc1767_V2.x.dtc
TCVX-38248 FPU to be the default
TCVX-38260 Multi-core tool support is required
TCVX-38282 Protected libraries of the TC131 cpus can be merged into one tc131 core protected library
TCVX-38323 Introduce TriCore derivative specific macro
TCVX-38349 With AURIX the BISR instruction is able to support 10 bits.
TCVX-38352 The duplicate runtime library must be made available in the distribution
TCVX-38353 Prefix for run time libraries should be used in inline functions too
TCVX-38403 Update the simulator dtc files with processor entries
TCVX-38433 Support for exclusion of sections from unreferenced section removal
TCVX-38470 Move over to Indigo; Eclipse 3.7.1 and CDT 8.0.1
TCVX-38487 Debugger lacks option to load Intel hex file
TCVX-38504 Deprecate --cpu and --tasking-sfr
TCVX-38508 Multicore interrupt vector table number specification
TCVX-38510 CSA area begin and end pointers should not occupy stack
TCVX-38511 The default threshold for near must be 8 to comply the compiler defaults
TCVX-38514 Board support for TriBoard TC1793
TCVX-38525 Qualifier needed to reference data in MCS space
TCVX-38531 Multi-core: A copy-table per core is required
TCVX-38533 Multi-Core: generate an error for any scope violation
TCVX-38587 Eclipse must support multiple startup files as used in the multicore environment (AURIX)
TCVX-38611 TriCore Board Support for TC1.3.1 AUDO Safe TriBoard TC1387
TCVX-38689 Use tsim1311 for tc1.3.1 derivatives
TCVX-38699 Integrate the new TC1728/TC1724 MIRA file from IFX
TCVX-38703 Use double word load and store for memcpy
TCVX-38704 Use double word store for memset
TCVX-38707 unsigned >= 0x80000000 equals unsigned >> 31
TCVX-38717 Do not create a simulator launch configuration for a new project
TCVX-38745 MultiCore: Use global addresses for private sections in DSPR/PSPR by default
TCVX-38784 Implement the C1x _Static_assert of the 9899:2011 standard
TCVX-38819 possibility to generate or update the makefile(s) from the command line
TCVX-38821 Support in TriCore compiler of intrinsic __cachea.w and __cachea.i
TCVX-38823 Extend hldump with support for displaying multiple source lines per address
TCVX-38827 Software support for TC29x
TCVX-38834 Automatic Base Register Assignment
TCVX-38836 change the linkerlabel "_lc_s_" into "_lc_t_", when qualifier __mcsram is used
TCVX-38837 move immediate with shift optimization
TCVX-38845 Linker shall put code and romdata in their own flash memories
TCVX-38846 Remove duplicate code sections improvement
TCVX-38867 Link time core association
TCVX-38876 Option required to be able to turn eabi compliant mode on partially
TCVX-38877 AURIX: Stack of each core should be in local ram
TCVX-38886 New option --concatenate-sections required
TCVX-38889 debugger support for TC275 board
TCVX-38891 TriCore TC27x family Boot Mode Header support
TCVX-38929 Extend elfpatch to make it possible to rename section based on the symbol
TCVX-38934 Duplicate libraries are obsolete with --new-task
TCVX-38937 superfluous double initialization
TCVX-38944 The order of ROM init sections is not always the same as the order of the corresponding RAM sections
TCVX-38947 The elfpatch tool must be integrated in Eclipse
TCVX-38954 Software support for TC26x
TCVX-38955 Separate lsl file base_address_groups.lsl for automatic base register assignment feature
TCVX-38966 C compiler cache to improve compilation times
TCVX-38981 AURIX: support of 8 byte vector table entry
TCVX-38982 Single entry vector table for tc1.6.x
TCVX-38983 support for TC2xxx CRC unit
TCVX-38984 New server tool for Automatic Removing Hanging Licenses
TCVX-39008 New SFR register file for TC27X- A step
TCVX-39029 Board support for TriBoard TC1724
TCVX-39032 TriBoard TC1728 support
TCVX-39033 TriBoard TC1784 support
TCVX-39034 Remove TriBoard TC1792 support
TCVX-39035 Remove TriBoard TC1764 support
TCVX-39050 hldumptc, extended option --dump-format to dump all note sections from an executable
TCVX-39056 Remove communication method DAS-LPT from all dtc-files
TCVX-39057 Remove DAS installation and use download link when debug selected
TCVX-39072 TriBoard TC29x support
TCVX-39073 Integrate the new TC27x B-step MIRA-file v1.2 OM into the SFR file
TCVX-39083 Remove TriBoard TC1164 and TC1166 support
TCVX-39085 Import examples should grey out examples in workspace
TCVX-39097 TriCore control program is extended to execute the elfpatch utility prior to linkage
TCVX-39136 Integrate the new TC26x MIRA-file v3.0 into the SFR file
TCVX-39186 refine debugger's handling of AURIX boot mode header
TCVX-39189 For each AURIX derivative an LSL is required to use the cpu as a true single core
TCVX-39226 New options in hldumptc to dump a section in PCP assembly or MCS assembly
TCVX-39278 Remove USB Wiggler-box support
TCVX-39280 All section of internal constants must have the same naming convention
TCVX-39281 Per default, section overlaying should be restricted to identical: type & core association & suffix
TCVX-39282 Per default, code compaction should be restricted to identical: type & core association & suffix
TCVX-39283 New option required to relax overlay sections
TCVX-39284 New option required to relax Code Compaction
TCVX-39297 When debugging the triboard each communication method can be used by selecting Universal Debug Access Server
TCVX-39325 TriBoard TC26x support
TCVX-39326 TriBoard tc27xb support
TCVX-39353 Hide superfluous option --silicon-bug=cpu-tc052
TCVX-39372 Elfpatch: give overview when finished with input file(s)
TCVX-39373 Elfpatch: a --warning option is required
TCVX-39374 Elfpatch: an extra option to minimize the growth of an object for DRM
TCVX-39523 __bit is equal to _Bool, __bit is superfluous.
TCVX-39569 Add possiblility to create Eclipse headless build
TCVX-39603 New TSIM v1.11.61 needs to be included in product
TCVX-39604 Multiple fixes in high level dump tool
TCVX-39652 --fp-model=C/c replaces --no-macs
TCVX-39659 Updated SFR file for TC27xB
TCVX-39683 Added --fp-model option
TCVX-39714 Remove superfluous program status word read from floating point FPU run-time functions.
TCVX-39717 Generate FPU compare instruction sequence always inline
TCVX-39718 Generate libc with abs() inlined
TCVX-39723 Optimize ld.b, extr.u instruction sequence with ld.bu
TCVX-39728 Hardware multicore support in debugger
TCVX-39734 Support MISRA C:2012
TCVX-39739 SFR support for TC23x_adas
TCVX-39740 SFR support for TC23x
TCVX-39758 SFR support for TC27xC
TCVX-39778 TriBoard TC23x support
TCVX-39801 ISO C99 IEEE 754 floating point functions need to be implemented (e.g. fesetround and fegetround)
TCVX-39805 Additional intrinsics
TCVX-39811 SFR support for TC22x
TCVX-39817 Deprecate __atbit(), it is superfluous
TCVX-39828 EABI: extend functionality of base registers A0 and A1
TCVX-39829 SFR support for TC26x B-step
TCVX-39867 TriBoard TC27xC support
TCVX-39878 New C compiler option --error-limit
TCVX-39881 SFR support for TC29x B-step
TCVX-39890 Add loop sub-option to control the loop fusion
TCVX-39895 Simplify startup configuration of TC1 and TC2
TCVX-39930 interrupt-aware stepping now always use hardware breakpoints
TCVX-39955 Shift JIS Kanji support required
TCVX-39956 SFR support for TC21x
TCVX-39959 Disable code compaction for run time floating point funtions.
TCVX-39965 Elfpatch: new DRM feature on struct initializer
TCVX-40069 Compilation process optimization resource usage
TCVX-40073 hldump: option for call tree generation
TCVX-40074 hldump: option to show gap-information on complex types
TCVX-40079 hldump: option to provide the number of cores
TCVX-40080 elfpatch: create a compact report when patching a library
TCVX-40106 Update the C++ compiler to support C++11
TCVX-40113 Updated SFR file for TC27xC
TCVX-40139 Improve performance of hldumptc
TCVX-40140 SFR support for TC27xD
TCVX-40157 Allow alignment attribute for typedef
TCVX-40215 Allow working with other cores with script debugger
TCVX-40243 Improve license check during installation.
TCVX-40245 Updated SFR file for TC22x
TCVX-40246 Updated SFR file for TC23x and TC23x_adas
TCVX-40247 Implement the C++11 atomic header file
TCVX-40257 C++ generated useless .ti file is disabled
TCVX-40276 Remove tc16_mmu and tc13_mmu libraries
TCVX-40296 Update Eclipse/CDT to Luna
TCVX-40319 AURIX PLUS support
TCVX-40344 Add the C++ standard as option to the Eclipse language sub-pane
TCVX-40373 Reduce long link time
TCVX-40421 Proftool options via option file
TCVX-40435 New debugger 'execution' example
TCVX-40488 Treat PCP context as separate thread
TCVX-40522 Half-Precision Floating Point support
TCVX-40534 New script debugger example 'multicore'
TCVX-40540 New TriCore TSIM 1.16.62 and PCP TSIM 1.38
TCVX-40589 Intrinsic functions __set_sp, __get_sp and __get_tin() shall be listed in the user guide
TCVX-40635 Compiler intrinsics for new AURIX 2G architecture instructions
TCVX-40687 New: Integrity Check utility
TCVX-40688 Introduction of MCS Compiler
TCVX-40693 SFR support for TC27x C-step (v2.2)
TCVX-40764 SFR support for TC39x A-step
TCVX-40922 Support for Infineon Application Kit TC27x
TCVX-40923 Support for Infineon TriBoard TC29xB
TCVX-41056 Intrinsic function __fesetround
TCVX-41086 Update to the Eclipse Mars SR1 release
TCVX-41087 SFR support for TC29x B-step (v1.3)
TCVX-41104 New TSIM for TriCore 1.16.80 and PCP 1.39
TCVX-41238 Support ADX format in hldumptc
TCVX-41356 Support for Infineon TriBoard TC22x
TCVX-41382 Support for TC39x (hardware) debugging
TCVX-41456 C++ compiler option --io-streams has been extended to switch between the C++03 and C++11 libraries
TCVX-41458 More information about mem:vtc... / mem:tc0... addressing in LSL file
TCVX-41550 Support the LLVM C++11 libraries
TCVX-41988 SFR support for TC39x A-step (v1.3)
TCVX-42043 New EABI - Extended Alignment - Support attribute '__align(x)' for functions
TCVX-42044 New EABI - Extended Alignment - Support alignment of 2
TCVX-42280 EABI compatible alignment of structures with size larger or equal 64-bit
TCVX-42335 Enable elfpatch symbol renaming in the ELF symbol table
TCVX-42387 Additional note in user manual regarding unrestricted sections
TCVX-42467 Support for the AURIX Starter Kit TC222
TCVX-42770 TC39x flash loader support
TCVX-43023 Improved accuracy of sqrtf()
TCVX-43053 Support for TC21x (hardware) debugging
TCVX-43212 Improve debugger launch preparation time and download time of larger applications
TCVX-43218 Support multiple DAS clock setting configurations

Closed Issues

This is a list of issues that have been closed with a resolution other than fixed. This list contains issues that will not be fixed, issues that appeared to be not a problem and/or issues that could not be reproduced. The list of fixed issues for v3.3r1 is not shown here, it is included in the release notes of the product.

Not a problem

TCVX-31921 Temporary labels from compiler should not be placed in output files
TCVX-32096 Qualifier __far not allowed within union
TCVX-32136 Autoincrement + cast causes error
TCVX-32141 Char and signed char difference in prototype and function causes error
TCVX-32152 Array of strings causes "too many initializers" error
TCVX-32259 Invalid restriction for parameter in __asm
TCVX-32305 Using single and double precision within one application leads to errors
TCVX-32361 Casting packed halfwords from signed to unsigned not allowed
TCVX-32425 Typedef + __sat not allowed
TCVX-32517 Compiler has problems with comments within inline assembly
TCVX-32552 Compiler generates undeserved error due to complex including
TCVX-32573 Compiler generates temp lables within inline assembly macro
TCVX-32588 Assembler declares register a15 as symbol
TCVX-32610 Compiler generates incorrect instruction using -Ctc1796 option
TCVX-32930 Assembler does not generate an error for with odd offset
TCVX-33041 PCP assembler generates error on forward reference
TCVX-33073 Assembly generates unexpected error message
TCVX-33265 Coalescer uses register that might have been modified
TCVX-33454 Assembler dup-directive doesn't mangle local labels
TCVX-33871 Problems when accessing the lmbram of the TC1920B derivative
TCVX-34014 Wrong code generation with inline assembly
TCVX-34137 The compiler generates incorrect assembly instruction when using inline assembly
TCVX-34145 Linker generates unexpected error message for unlocatable section
TCVX-34211 Compiler optimizes out an IF statement with shorts incorrectly
TCVX-34298 Compiler generates unexpected warning W523
TCVX-34390 Printf function shows incorrect output for negative signed short
TCVX-34439 Linker fails to use the priorities (speed keyword) for memory definitions
TCVX-34482 Linker can't locate a section over adjacent memory ranges
TCVX-34881 No register reload for inline assembly function
TCVX-34917 Dwarf 2 assembler objects use DW_AT_ranges attribute
TCVX-34954 More implicit conversion to type "char" warnings
TCVX-35081 Qualifier __sat not supported for char and short data type
TCVX-35872 Data type __ull is not documented
TCVX-36052 No clear code prior dereferencing pointer to short D2 register variable
TCVX-36733 Eclipse project rename does not rename project lsl file
TCVX-36737 Use ST.T instruction to modify SFR bit instead of READ-MODIFY-WRITE to SFR word
TCVX-36860 #pragma align 2 : compiler does not generate .align 2 directive for char type
TCVX-37133 false compiler warning W755 CPU functional problem 105
TCVX-37252 compiler generates superfluous register access from inline assembly
TCVX-37540 PCP CSA protection does not work on TriBoard TC1766 and TC1163
TCVX-37780 Inline function with inline assembler incorrectly optimized
TCVX-37800 ltc -r causes false error about missing lsl file
TCVX-37855 arpcp cannot handle pcp library
TCVX-37925 ctc -t0 and -4 yields inconsistent conversion from single precision floating point to unsigned short
TCVX-38016 ctc: prohibit optimization and modification of inline assembly
TCVX-38075 Target may hang in cstart.c when using simulator
TCVX-38104 ctc W549:condition is always false - should be condition is always true
TCVX-38218 ctc: false warning ctc W549: ["file.c" xx/ss] condition is always false with constant propagation
TCVX-38254 erroneous error with MIL Linking ltc E107 unresolved symbol for shared memory reference (...) due to unrefenced PCP variable
TCVX-38257 PCP 'hello' sample not working with TC1797 configuration
TCVX-38304 ltc I456: section type: page restriction - any range of [0 .. 64] with page alignment 64
TCVX-38307 erroneous warning ctc W563: '##' does not produce a valid preprocessing token
TCVX-38345 missing CSA start address definition in <project>.lsl causes linker error after project migration
TCVX-38459 ctc E480:cannot use __circ on automatic object
TCVX-38825 ctc -Op results in incorrect ISYNC , INSERT sequence
TCVX-39616 Eclipse project: incorrect display of excluded C source modules
TCVX-39736 Program hangs when executing a recursive function
TCVX-39786 Scanf length modifier hh not supported
TCVX-39795 Typechecking is too strict for compatible struct/union type
TCVX-39799 Pointers to different functions shall not be equal
TCVX-39964 Linker scatters sections despite of ordered, contiguous, align=64 group attributes
TCVX-40036 fprintf- incorrect read/write error handling
TCVX-40231 Inconsistent documentation of MCS reserved registers
TCVX-40279 astc W201 caused by numeric labels as forward reference
TCVX-40295 Make utility mktc is unable to handle makefile functions like word, wildcard, filter
TCVX-40452 Rounding mode immediately restored after return of function fesetround()
TCVX-40614 Library size inconsistent with use of identical makefile
TCVX-43033 Compiler does not generate a warning for uninitialized struct members
TCVX-43510 C++ error cptc E0020 - identifier "xyz " is undefined - on a protected member in a base class template

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