Open and Closed Issues for TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore v6.0r1Log in

Open Issues

This is a list of currently open issues for the TASKING VX-toolset for TriCore v6.0r1. The list may include issues found in later releases, whether such issues also appear in this release has not always been verified yet. See below for the list of closed issues. The list of fixed issues for v6.0r1 is included in the release notes of the product.


TCVX-31481 Deviating syntax for three-input boolean operations
TCVX-34183 Assembler should by default make code sections at least 2 byte aligned
TCVX-35331 Unresolved symbol for shared memory reference: _lc_s_<symbol>
TCVX-36811 FSS support does not work for TriCore and PCP at the same time
TCVX-37054 Incorrect behavior involving mirrored memory ranges
TCVX-37419 Cannot locate application due to copy table optimization
TCVX-37498 Debugger Variables view has no feature to show (s)fract type variables
TCVX-37541 Debugger stops before PCP error on a PRAM partition check
TCVX-38062 Custom register group configuration, search function not working, group shows wrong register(s)
TCVX-38174 Flashing Intel devices on TriBoard 1130 does not work
TCVX-38319 SFR names in C++ files not recognized by indexer
TCVX-38409 Qualifier volatile causes erroneous W515: ["xyz.c" ] side effects of 'sizeof' operand will be ignored
TCVX-38895 TriCore EABI violation, bit-field alignment (Ch
TCVX-38942 LSL keyword vector_table (user guide) is not relevant for TriCore
TCVX-39003 Let the script debugger use the core specific config files
TCVX-39025 LSL: prevent an allocation of the user stack in the PCP memory
TCVX-39248 Decimal variable display is default - cannot be changed to hexadecimal permanently
TCVX-39249 Struct member display (decimal, hex, etc.) not possible despite existing menu
TCVX-39416 When using multi-core features with single core LSL the linker throws F111
TCVX-39633 Pragmas code/data_core_association, for_..._data_use_memory not supported by C++ compiler
TCVX-39752 TriCore Debugger: Loading failed, value read back does not match / BMHD
TCVX-39755 Static constructors initialization blocked when using multiple cores
TCVX-39800 Function declaration where the asterisk in the declaration of a typedefed function pointer parameter is omitted
TCVX-39857 ltc F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception when 'fill' keyword is used with memory entry
TCVX-39873 Linker unreferenced section removal protection for LSL selections is incomplete
TCVX-39874 Linker creates overlapping entries for sections located in filled reserved ranges with alloc_allowed
TCVX-39896 Functions printf and sprintf show incorrect IEEE754 single precision formatting / truncation
TCVX-39945 Application may run past main() upon debugger launch if processor initially running
TCVX-39980 A make fails on presumably too long command line
TCVX-40016 File name with wild card not parsed correctly within Eclipse
TCVX-40089 C++ compiler warning "cptc W1938: a section pragma may only appear between declarations"
TCVX-40090 Debugger fails to properly display variables
TCVX-40154 Complex function cproj gives incorrect result when imaginary component is INFINITY
TCVX-40168 LSL memory definition: incorrect size
TCVX-40326 Static profiling not working with library subproject
TCVX-40460 Internal consistency check compiler error (S911) sample case
TCVX-40469 Linker allows cloned sections outside the available DSPR0 memory range
TCVX-40471 Script debugger option "run_to_main" of $download(...) does not work
TCVX-40525 C compiler error F103: out of memory
TCVX-40526 Segmentation fault for large initialized or const arrays with a size of more than 2051kB
TCVX-40543 C compiler S900: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-40548 Static profiling not working with library subproject
TCVX-40650 When starting debugger Eclipse may not (offer to) switch to Debug perspective
TCVX-40681 The Memory Properties page cannot be used for MCS stand-alone projects
TCVX-40690 Pragma noclear in startup code collides with EABI compliance
TCVX-40694 Debug info defines empty struct (-Ag) as declaration
TCVX-40717 Proftool function "main" not found error (F454) when profiling library projects
TCVX-40735 Eclipse option 'Build Selected File(s)' not working
TCVX-40743 C compiler error S900 with --inline option used
TCVX-40749 cstart.c / cstart.h not recognized if moved to project subdirectory
TCVX-40754 Cannot open include file errors (E219) due to unjust C file assembler dependency
TCVX-40757 Inlined array access may cause stack overwrite
TCVX-40766 C compiler error E354: MISRA rule 10.3 violation
TCVX-40778 Initializing code sequence left out
TCVX-40867 S900: internal consistency check failed error
TCVX-40918 The elfpatch may not be able to re-create a processed library
TCVX-40928 AURIX multi-core: hex file does not contain code for cloned functions in ROM
TCVX-40929 Incorrect dead store elimination after inlining
TCVX-40949 Linker may fall into an endless loop with optimization "First Fit Decreasing" enabled
TCVX-40956 Missing sign extension for cast short value
TCVX-40976 Fatal compiler out of memory error (F103) sample case
TCVX-41004 PCP compiler: Single bit clear far memory error
TCVX-41024 #pragma fp_rewrite not honored after inlining
TCVX-41051 Linker error ltc F009: internal error: file id does not exist error caused by unreferenced sections removal
TCVX-41059 Erroneous sign extension after ABS instruction with signed short operand
TCVX-41094 PSW flags accessed by libc fenv functions are overwritten.
TCVX-41110 Selecting copytable in a section which a specific (block)size results in an internal error
TCVX-41153 Locating fails when contiguous is used for an ordered group with __align sections
TCVX-41154 Infinite loop in peephole optimization pattern ne,jne
TCVX-41234 Optimization SIMD may produce incorrect code
TCVX-41276 Incorrect register renumbering
TCVX-41279 Issues with designated initializers for an element of an array of structs
TCVX-41335 C++ compiler does not correctly align nested complex types
TCVX-41420 Controlling messages does not work in ichk
TCVX-41421 Improve manual to explain revised implementation of #pragma section <type>
TCVX-41425 C++ compiler does not support EABI compliance option
TCVX-41426 Memory settings for PFlash and SRAM for TC21x are wrong
TCVX-41439 C++ compiler does not emit __sfrbit16 and __sfrbit32 keywords in the generated C file
TCVX-41441 Overlay spill location problem
TCVX-41453 When not all sections can be located in a memory but "mirrored" address space is available, two sections may be overlayed at a single memory location
TCVX-41618 The group property safety_class is not inherited by sub-groups
TCVX-41619 C compiler error F117: object size must be lower than 256MB error when debug information enabled
TCVX-41630 For the TC21, TC22 and TC23 some multi-core SFRs are missing in the sfr files
TCVX-41633 Invalid sh_entsize for GROUP entry of object section header
TCVX-41659 C compiler error F103: out of memory
TCVX-41734 Manual mentions the non available option --debug
TCVX-41777 Function sqrt() must always return 0 for denormalized values
TCVX-41830 Failed stack array member initialization causes run-time error
TCVX-41833 Missing closing quotes in ORTI debug file
TCVX-41885 Erroneous W549: condition is always false message when constant propagation switched off
TCVX-41925 "HTTP ERROR: 500" using API Reference in context menu
TCVX-41928 Rare compiler F112 register allocation error
TCVX-41953 Flash programming pane displays truncated flash memory size
TCVX-42038 C compiler ctc S911: internal consistency check failed with MISRA C rule 10.3 enabled
TCVX-42045 C compiler ctc crashes if using a circular reference in structure
TCVX-42047 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed with MISRA C rule 10.2 enabled
TCVX-42054 Linker error ltc F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception
TCVX-42219 typeid(float&) when used in a user application gets ABS18 relocation instead of ABS_HI+ABS_LO2
TCVX-42261 False positive warning "W507 variable is possibly uninitialized" with constant propagation optimization switched off
TCVX-42267 Generated pin mapper header file causes E272 compile error due to iLLD name mismatch
TCVX-42299 C++ compiler calculates wrong size for struct copy operation
TCVX-42331 Instruction scheduler might produce wrong instruction order
TCVX-42332 Dependency scan not working for library projects
TCVX-42351 Missing __CPU__ and __NO_CSTART_REGISTER_CONFIG definitions for compilation of cstart_tc{3,4,5}.c
TCVX-42352 Floating-point functions that are inlined may clobber registers holding live variables
TCVX-42364 Repeated construction of struct with boolean produces mangled code
TCVX-42525 Predefined symbol _lc_x_name can be ambiguous
TCVX-42558 An empty section located at the same address of an initialized variable prevents initialization
TCVX-42564 PCP: Multiple errors when running pcp-multi-start example on an evaluation board for the TC1793 or TC1791
TCVX-42574 Register used twice for nested inline function call with inline assembly
TCVX-42589 Improve __clone keyword to support 6 cores for AURIX 2G
TCVX-42711 Duplicate CMSIS vector table id 21 in tricore_hsm.lsl
TCVX-42750 When the linker does not link any object files it emits an unhelpful error message
TCVX-42753 False positives in floating-point trap handler due to non cleared reset overflow status flags in PSW
TCVX-42761 Linker core assignment using __private3, __private4, __private5 not supported for AURIX 2G
TCVX-42847 C library function nexttowardf() incorrectly considers some values equal
TCVX-42874 TASKING Heap view is empty
TCVX-42884 Startup code header files not excluded from MISRA C check
TCVX-42889 STM0 timer not stopped when breakpoint is hit or during single stepping
TCVX-42891 Data breakpoints do not work when MCDS debugging is used
TCVX-42929 Automatic inlining causes invalid code generation for a local static variable
TCVX-42961 Linker hangs when locating clustered sections with alignments
TCVX-42981 TriCore compiler loop fusion optimization may generate wrong code
TCVX-42984 Eclipse creates wrong LSL file entry for heap space when single core configuration is used
TCVX-42996 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-43000 Common subexpression elimination causes error ctc E350 with inline assembly
TCVX-43010 C compiler ctc S900: internal consistency check failed with MISRA 2012 --misrac=17.5
TCVX-43024 Linker error E150: invalid search path <TriCore_root>\ctc\lib\mcs31\le\
TCVX-43045 C compiler error E350: ["test.c" 11/1] invalid constraint for parameter 1
TCVX-43047 Debugging a TC21x device leads to unknown device error
TCVX-43052 Store-load GLO optimization generates incorrect code when there are jumps between store and load
TCVX-43059 The combination of options -Oi, -Om and -t0 may result in wrong type handling
TCVX-43070 Assertion failed error for a certain C code module with MISRA C:2012 rule 17.5 enabled
TCVX-43075 Compiler error: Front-end... ctc S900: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-43082 C compiler ctc: incorrect array assignment
TCVX-43084 C compiler ctc: global volatile variable ignored in loop
TCVX-43092 A project created with MIL linking cannot be debugged
TCVX-43099 LSL file tc1v1_6_2.bmhd.lsl has incorrect BMHD structure for TC39x
TCVX-43102 Optimization of struct return may lead to overlapping struct copy
TCVX-43105 Using the control program leads to different object files due to temporary option file usage
TCVX-43108 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 16.1 violation error for code not using any switch case
TCVX-43114 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 13.5 violation message
TCVX-43116 W528 constant value truncated to type "signed long long int" when signed long long min value used
TCVX-43118 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 10.1 violation message for signed value initialization for min / max values
TCVX-43120 Issues with C++ STLport library: cmath multiple inclusion errors
TCVX-43132 C compiler error ctc S900: internal consistency check failed for core 1.6.2 -O2 --align=4
TCVX-43137 Incorrect simplification of comparison for variable holding NAN
TCVX-43141 Single to double precision conversion of Infinity not IEEE compliant
TCVX-43179 Board Configuration import fails
TCVX-43182 Linker error ltc E112 caused by ordered attribute for group
TCVX-43189 Memory settings for DFLASH for TC21x and TC22x are wrong
TCVX-43195 Linker misplaces .alignment_protection sections in reserved memory or a reserved section without notice
TCVX-43208 LSL support for TC39x A-Stepping
TCVX-43209 TC39x MCS sieve example memory usage too large and stack too small
TCVX-43216 TC39x: MCDS reset class 4 generates an error when target is reset
TCVX-43219 Control program silently changes floating-point settings when --eabi-compliant option is used
TCVX-43221 MCS cores memory sizes are not correct for TC39x
TCVX-43222 Linker crash and non-deterministic behavior for map file on clone sections in user-defined memories
TCVX-43224 Unnamed union members are not displayed in the 'Variables' view of the debugger
TCVX-43233 Linker error F009 when an initialized output section is used with copy and blocksize attributes
TCVX-43237 Assembler astc: truncates command line option listing in generated object file
TCVX-43239 C++ compiler warning W2639 when pragma section is used within extern "C"
TCVX-43248 TriCore compiler loop fusion leads to incorrect array member access
TCVX-43251 TriCore C compiler error S900 with complex control flow
TCVX-43309 Compiler reorders memory accesses to potentially aliasing locations
TCVX-43315 C compiler ctc hangs on specific code/option combination
TCVX-43335 Linker error E121: relocation error when a function is placed in an initialized output section without fill
TCVX-43365 C++ compiler warning E0338: more than one instance of overloaded function "__tgmath__fpclassify__1" has "C" linkage
TCVX-43371 Debugger error: Loading failed : Target is not responding (timed out)
TCVX-43383 C compiler ctc F103: out of memory
TCVX-43386 STLport C++ header files contain unnecessarily complex references to TASKING STL header files
TCVX-43397 XC800 SFR register addresses need overhaul for AURIX 2G
TCVX-43401 C compiler error ctc S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-43407 Erroneous C compiler warning W529: overflow in constant expression
TCVX-43413 Compound literals using const values are placed in RAM memory
TCVX-43416 Different debug labels generated when the same file is compiled multiple times
TCVX-43429 Compound literals generate incorrect code in recursive functions
TCVX-43434 Linker abnormal termination: ltc appcrash when using lsl checksum()
TCVX-43440 C++ compiler error: cptc E0498: ["\include.cxx\limits" 490] template argument list must match the parameter list
TCVX-43447 The clock() function the C library does not disable interrupts for AURIX and AURIX 2G devices
TCVX-43464 Perennial C P64072 fails on overlapping struct initialization
TCVX-43479 Viewing local variables (in a C function) sometimes results in message 'no storage assigned'
TCVX-43481 C++ compiler does not allow section renaming for class static variables
TCVX-43488 Compiler ctc accepts deprecated option --no-macs and generates code accordingly
TCVX-43511 C compiler error using -Of : ctc S911: internal consistency check failed - please report
TCVX-43515 C compiler error S911: internal consistency check failed error when control flow simplification disabled
TCVX-43517 Math functions log10f() and log2f() use double precision arithmetic
TCVX-43519 SFR files allow unaligned access to GTM registers for TC3xx
TCVX-43521 C++ compiler using C++ 2003 standard cannot process _Pragma(...)
TCVX-43538 Linker counts scratch sections as reserved sections under 'Memory usage in bytes'
TCVX-43539 Reserve last CSAs for the FCD trap handler
TCVX-43542 Product update cannot complete due to conflicting dependencies
TCVX-43543 Sizeof operator applied to a VLA involving variable post-modification causes wrong code
TCVX-43546 Linker does not insert alignment_protection sections when a group includes sections with a different alignment
TCVX-43549 C compiler error ctc S900: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-43572 Incorrect warning W541: possibly uninitialized variable
TCVX-43573 Linker error E172: Could not completely fill memory when an absolute located reserved section is used
TCVX-43574 Pragma warning not working for warning W508 'empty source file'
TCVX-43580 Alignment for bit-field of size 0 does not conform to the TriCore EABI
TCVX-43587 GLO tracker optimization problem for unitialized variable
TCVX-43595 LSL reserved sections may be selected by select statements resulting in a corrupt internal linker state
TCVX-43596 Pin Mapper does not support using single ended DSADC module input signals
TCVX-43599 C compiler error S900: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-43603 C++ example using unordered map container does not build
TCVX-43606 Linker error ltc E821: Could not fill area when a ROM copy section with size not multiple of 4 added to a BMHD range
TCVX-43610 Copy table in output section overwritten by next section in output section
TCVX-43612 Issue related to custom initialization code when using an MCS subproject
TCVX-43620 Incorrect conversion of an if-else statement to an expression
TCVX-43626 XBAR0_SRI_BusErrorEvent alarm triggered by non linked fputc function
TCVX-43627 Removed section entries in map file have a different order for equal builds
TCVX-43642 Pragma section all not working as described
TCVX-43649 C++11: use of <cassert> and assert.h causes: cptc E0040, cptc W0161: unrecognized #pragma
TCVX-43658 Linker fails to locate an application when first fit decreasing optimization is enabled
TCVX-43664 S900: internal consistency check failed - please report error related to struct initialization values
TCVX-43673 Linker error ltc F019 after emitting object files
TCVX-43683 MCS assembler emits wrong code when --extended-registers option is not set
TCVX-43686 Safety Manual: verification on host Windows 10
TCVX-43687 Linker: ltc hangs when using linker -OcLtxy optimization or ctc -O3
TCVX-43689 __imaskldmst intrinsic generates wrong code when 32 bits are written
TCVX-43690 C Compiler: ctc S911: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-43691 Reading the CCNT CSFR register fails in the simulator debugger
TCVX-43695 Pin Mapper: TC39xB Gigabit Ethernet : GETH:PPS / P14.4 output pin functionality not available
TCVX-43704 Non justified if condition optimization
TCVX-43706 Utility hldumptc error F171 caused by specific large object file
TCVX-43707 Single precision library functions should not use double precision operations
TCVX-43709 I2C1 peripheral configuration not possible using Pin Mapper on TC38x/LFBGA292
TCVX-43711 NMI trap generated when TC38x or TC39xB derivative simulated
TCVX-43714 User stack calculation includes stack usage of non referenced functions
TCVX-43730 MISRA C:2012 rule 10.4 violation when enum with 2 elements is used in a comparison
TCVX-43732 Wrong LSL file entry for XC800 stack sections leads to E821 error
TCVX-43737 Misleading warning W541 possibly uninitialized variable
TCVX-43738 E821 linker error when BMHD checksum range includes a copytable followed by aligned section
TCVX-43744 Wrong cycle count values in assembler generated list file for AURIX 2G
TCVX-43745 Erroneous warning ctc W555: function declared with __noreturn__ attribute may return
TCVX-43746 ARM: long branch veneers do not work when a call is made from RAM to ROM
TCVX-43749 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 10.3 violation error for bit-field initialization
TCVX-43754 HLL dump tool does not include information about a static void function in the symbol table
TCVX-43755 C compiler error E350 invalid constraint for inline assembly code relying on C compiler optimizations
TCVX-43759 Assembler error astc E118: expected <string> when a semicolon is used in an include directory name
TCVX-43773 TASKING properties export does not include file/folder local settings
TCVX-43774 Files with local options not marked anymore in 'C/C++ Projects' window
TCVX-43839 Profiling results not written when full MIL linking used
TCVX-43855 Bitfield of type "short int" or "long int" is treated as unsigned
TCVX-43859 Predefined macro __GNUC__ when --g++ option is used is not described
TCVX-43868 Run-time error for double _Complex expression passing to a function
TCVX-43880 Elfdump segmentation fault error when initialized functions included in the ELF file
TCVX-43881 Compiler MISRA 2012 rule 9.5 : incorrect flagging of rule violation
TCVX-43882 Pin Mapper CSV output does not include pin names for VGATE1N / VGATE1P
TCVX-43893 C compiler omits value assignment to pointer type function argument with forward store optimization enabled
TCVX-43905 C compiler optimizes user stack incorrectly
TCVX-43911 C compiler error S911 when MISRA C:2012 rule 16.3 is enabled and erroneous label added to switch case
TCVX-43913 Compile-time concatenation of character string literal with unicode string literal fails
TCVX-43921 Setting breakpoint during debug session - single stepping does not execute next steps
TCVX-43928 Incorrect reordering of volatile memory reads
TCVX-43930 Inconsistent .cproject file content after a project clean
TCVX-43931 EMEM memory definition missing in TC35x LSL file
TCVX-43938 Missing W541 possibly uninitialized variable warning when constant propagation disabled
TCVX-43939 Missing MISRA C:2012 rule 9.1 violation error for conditional initialized automatic with -OP
TCVX-43980 Linker may hang when the size of an output section is at least 2 MB
TCVX-43994 Linker ltc allows duplicate interrupt vectors to be located in vector table
TCVX-43997 Eclipse errors for profiling file with recursive call graph
TCVX-43998 Invalid constant propagation with tripple indirection
TCVX-44000 Unneeded configuration options in Pin Mapper for peripheral pins
TCVX-44002 Unexpected MISRA C:2012 rule 12.4 violation error
TCVX-44006 Interpretation of preprocessing numbers is too strict
TCVX-44008 Include file may be skipped when same filename is included from different directories
TCVX-44013 Delete unreferenced sections removes debug information for alias of a symbol
TCVX-44022 Unexpected W549: condition is always true warning
TCVX-44030 SIMD optimization leads to erroneous assembly instruction
TCVX-44043 Incorrect conversion of _Complex type to _Bool
TCVX-44044 Check on constant expression of _Static_assert() not strict enough
TCVX-44048 Header file setjmp.h - MISRA C check disabling not restored to default
TCVX-44050 Linker inserts section in an ordered, contiguous, fill group
TCVX-44069 C compiler error S911: internal consistency check failed
TCVX-44077 C compiler generates malloc call for variable length array
TCVX-44079 Reserve Boot Mode Headers does not work
TCVX-44082 Intrinsics __extracthwN and __extractbbyteN may return wrong result
TCVX-44087 Linker ltc: very long link / locate time >= 1 hour
TCVX-44098 Linker silently truncates ELF e_phnum field
TCVX-44102 Loop invariant code optimization issue
TCVX-44112 Unexpected MISRA C 2012 rule 10.3 violation for enum usage in ternary expression
TCVX-44195 Missing HLL symbol information for inlined functions
TCVX-44201 Linker - clone .text .clone code sections missing in copytable when using --non-romable option
TCVX-44203 C compiler hangs when flexible array member is erroneously initialized
TCVX-44218 Large floating-point numbers become zero when converted to _Float16
TCVX-44224 Wrong result multiplying two INIFINITY values when using software floating-point library
TCVX-44246 C compiler error: S911 : Expression simplification - with empty function parameter
TCVX-44256 Pin mapper: Error Pin Configuration File not Found or invalid
TCVX-44257 Compiler violates EABI due to 4 byte user stack frame generation
TCVX-44260 Linker: ltc - Segmentation fault on LSL output section in overlay group
TCVX-44267 Linker: option --whole-archive ignores object modules without exported symbols
TCVX-44286 Directive .size missing for run-time library functions and some C library functions
TCVX-44295 Breakpoints in multi-core application are not working reliable
TCVX-44302 Chapter 'Linker Labels' needs clarification about end address labels
TCVX-44309 MISRA C 2012 rule 10.4 checker reports false positive and fails to detect a violation
TCVX-44325 User stack pointer 4-byte aligned when interrupt occurs between FCALL and FRET
TCVX-44339 Subnormal values may incorrectly compare equal to zero
TCVX-44342 Unexpected MISRA C 2012 rule 20.6 violation
TCVX-44378 Section summary information cuts off long function names
TCVX-44383 For non-trapping floating point comparisons: NaN == NaN incorrectly returns true
TCVX-44387 Erroneous code in code compaction function leads to invalid function parameter
TCVX-44390 Linker error ltc F019: unrecoverable error: caught unknown exception
TCVX-44393 Compiler issues double word accesses for data located in MCS memory
TCVX-44406 Missing debug information for local variables
TCVX-44407 C compiler front-end may produce imprecise FP result (±1 bit difference)
TCVX-44417 Compiler generates wrong code for loops with 64-bit iterators
TCVX-44419 Linker does not insert alignment_protection section when copy_unit is greater than 1
TCVX-44423 libfprt: subnormal values incorrectly compare equal to zero
TCVX-44426 FPU version of C library is not selected with control program option --fp-model=St
TCVX-44440 Output section examples in user guide need correction
TCVX-44441 Incorrect use of a loop instruction
TCVX-44443 Intrinsics __getbyteN and __gethwN may return wrong result
TCVX-44453 Incorrect propagation of __pure__ function call result
TCVX-44460 C compiler error S911 with -OP and -t0 or -t1
TCVX-44461 No error on narrowing conversion from char to bool
TCVX-44468 No diagnosics for ignored alignas() in elaborate type specifier
TCVX-44472 Integers in #if conditions are not evaluated as 64-bit
TCVX-44477 No error for re-declaration of range-based for loop iterator
TCVX-44484 C library function strtof might incorrectly return INIFINITY or FLT_MAX for hexadecimal number
TCVX-44491 HSM: C library function strtof might incorrectly return INIFINITY for hexadecimal number
TCVX-44494 C++ compiler: uppercase sub-options of -E/--preprocess do not work
TCVX-44499 C++ compiler option --no-stdinc does not work
TCVX-44517 Misleading 'I805: start of current function definition' message when a duplicate typedef uses an unknown type
TCVX-44522 The __dsync() intrinsic does not always work as a memory fence
TCVX-44525 Debugger should not use absolute path entries for source file locations
TCVX-44527 Compiler Safety Manual "Guideline Verify linker map file" is not clear enough
TCVX-44549 ARM C Compiler: loop optimization causes endless loop
TCVX-44553 Some FP related functions are missing in the Standard C library (C90 standard)
TCVX-44588 Missed "out of bounds" diagnostics
TCVX-44591 References to a locator symbol __lc_x_name can be ambiguous
TCVX-44592 Linker misplaces .alignment_protection sections in reserved memory or a reserved section without notice
TCVX-44593 LSL reserved sections may be selected by select statements resulting in a corrupt internal linker state
TCVX-44594 Linker may hang when the size of an output section is at least 2 MB
TCVX-44595 Linker inserts section in an ordered, contiguous, fill group
TCVX-44597 No definition of ODR-used const static data member of a template causes bus trap
TCVX-44599 Integers in #if conditions are not evaluated as 64-bit
TCVX-44600 No error for re-declaration of range-based for loop iterator
TCVX-44603 Invalid constant propagation with tripple indirection
TCVX-44604 Inlined array access may cause stack overwrite
TCVX-44605 Issues with designated initializers for an element of an array of structs
TCVX-44606 Initializing code sequence left out
TCVX-44607 Incorrect dead store elimination after inlining
TCVX-44608 Erroneous sign extension after ABS instruction with signed short operand
TCVX-44609 Incorrect __asm processing if input refers to output duplicated by other input
TCVX-44610 Compound literals generate incorrect code in recursive functions
TCVX-44612 Sizeof operator applied to a VLA involving variable post-modification causes wrong code
TCVX-44613 Incorrect conversion of an if-else statement to an expression

Improvements and/or New Features

TCVX-39878 New C compiler option --error-limit
TCVX-40069 Compilation process optimization resource usage
TCVX-40139 Improve performance of hldumptc
TCVX-40488 Treat PCP context as separate thread
TCVX-40635 Compiler intrinsics for new AURIX 2G architecture instructions
TCVX-40693 SFR support for TC27x C-step (v2.2)
TCVX-40764 SFR support for TC39x A-step
TCVX-40922 Support for Infineon Application Kit TC27x
TCVX-40923 Support for Infineon TriBoard TC29xB
TCVX-41056 Intrinsic function __fesetround
TCVX-41086 Update to the Eclipse Mars SR1 release
TCVX-41087 SFR support for TC29x B-step (v1.3)
TCVX-41104 New TSIM for TriCore 1.16.80 and PCP 1.39
TCVX-41238 Support ADX format in hldumptc
TCVX-41356 Support for Infineon TriBoard TC22x
TCVX-41382 Support for TC39x (hardware) debugging
TCVX-41456 C++ compiler option --io-streams has been extended to switch between the C++03 and C++11 libraries
TCVX-41458 More information about mem:vtc... / mem:tc0... addressing in LSL file
TCVX-41550 Support the LLVM C++11 libraries
TCVX-41988 SFR support for TC39x A-step (v1.3)
TCVX-42043 New EABI - Extended Alignment - Support attribute '__align(x)' for functions
TCVX-42044 New EABI - Extended Alignment - Support alignment of 2
TCVX-42280 EABI compatible alignment of structures with size larger or equal 64-bit
TCVX-42335 Enable elfpatch symbol renaming in the ELF symbol table
TCVX-42387 Additional note in user manual regarding unrestricted sections
TCVX-42467 Support for the AURIX Starter Kit TC222
TCVX-42770 TC39x flash loader support
TCVX-43023 Improved accuracy of sqrtf()
TCVX-43053 Support for TC21x (hardware) debugging
TCVX-43212 Improve debugger launch preparation time and download time of larger applications
TCVX-43218 Support multiple DAS clock setting configurations

Closed Issues

This is a list of issues that have been closed with a resolution other than fixed. This list contains issues that will not be fixed, issues that appeared to be not a problem and/or issues that could not be reproduced. The list of fixed issues for v6.0r1 is not shown here, it is included in the release notes of the product.

Not a problem

TCVX-31921 Temporary labels from compiler should not be placed in output files
TCVX-32096 Qualifier __far not allowed within union
TCVX-32136 Autoincrement + cast causes error
TCVX-32141 Char and signed char difference in prototype and function causes error
TCVX-32152 Array of strings causes "too many initializers" error
TCVX-32259 Invalid restriction for parameter in __asm
TCVX-32305 Using single and double precision within one application leads to errors
TCVX-32361 Casting packed halfwords from signed to unsigned not allowed
TCVX-32425 Typedef + __sat not allowed
TCVX-32517 Compiler has problems with comments within inline assembly
TCVX-32552 Compiler generates undeserved error due to complex including
TCVX-32573 Compiler generates temp lables within inline assembly macro
TCVX-32588 Assembler declares register a15 as symbol
TCVX-32610 Compiler generates incorrect instruction using -Ctc1796 option
TCVX-32930 Assembler does not generate an error for with odd offset
TCVX-33041 PCP assembler generates error on forward reference
TCVX-33073 Assembly generates unexpected error message
TCVX-33265 Coalescer uses register that might have been modified
TCVX-33454 Assembler dup-directive doesn't mangle local labels
TCVX-33871 Problems when accessing the lmbram of the TC1920B derivative
TCVX-34014 Wrong code generation with inline assembly
TCVX-34137 The compiler generates incorrect assembly instruction when using inline assembly
TCVX-34145 Linker generates unexpected error message for unlocatable section
TCVX-34211 Compiler optimizes out an IF statement with shorts incorrectly
TCVX-34298 Compiler generates unexpected warning W523
TCVX-34390 Printf function shows incorrect output for negative signed short
TCVX-34439 Linker fails to use the priorities (speed keyword) for memory definitions
TCVX-34482 Linker can't locate a section over adjacent memory ranges
TCVX-34881 No register reload for inline assembly function
TCVX-34917 Dwarf 2 assembler objects use DW_AT_ranges attribute
TCVX-34954 More implicit conversion to type "char" warnings
TCVX-35081 Qualifier __sat not supported for char and short data type
TCVX-35872 Data type __ull is not documented
TCVX-36052 No clear code prior dereferencing pointer to short D2 register variable
TCVX-36733 Eclipse project rename does not rename project lsl file
TCVX-36737 Use ST.T instruction to modify SFR bit instead of READ-MODIFY-WRITE to SFR word
TCVX-36860 #pragma align 2 : compiler does not generate .align 2 directive for char type
TCVX-37133 false compiler warning W755 CPU functional problem 105
TCVX-37252 compiler generates superfluous register access from inline assembly
TCVX-37540 PCP CSA protection does not work on TriBoard TC1766 and TC1163
TCVX-37780 Inline function with inline assembler incorrectly optimized
TCVX-37800 ltc -r causes false error about missing lsl file
TCVX-37855 arpcp cannot handle pcp library
TCVX-37925 ctc -t0 and -4 yields inconsistent conversion from single precision floating point to unsigned short
TCVX-38016 ctc: prohibit optimization and modification of inline assembly
TCVX-38075 Target may hang in cstart.c when using simulator
TCVX-38104 ctc W549:condition is always false - should be condition is always true
TCVX-38218 ctc: false warning ctc W549: ["file.c" xx/ss] condition is always false with constant propagation
TCVX-38254 erroneous error with MIL Linking ltc E107 unresolved symbol for shared memory reference (...) due to unrefenced PCP variable
TCVX-38257 PCP 'hello' sample not working with TC1797 configuration
TCVX-38304 ltc I456: section type: page restriction - any range of [0 .. 64] with page alignment 64
TCVX-38307 erroneous warning ctc W563: '##' does not produce a valid preprocessing token
TCVX-38345 missing CSA start address definition in <project>.lsl causes linker error after project migration
TCVX-38459 ctc E480:cannot use __circ on automatic object
TCVX-38825 ctc -Op results in incorrect ISYNC , INSERT sequence
TCVX-39616 Eclipse project: incorrect display of excluded C source modules
TCVX-39736 Program hangs when executing a recursive function
TCVX-39786 Scanf length modifier hh not supported
TCVX-39795 Typechecking is too strict for compatible struct/union type
TCVX-39799 Pointers to different functions shall not be equal
TCVX-39964 Linker scatters sections despite of ordered, contiguous, align=64 group attributes
TCVX-40036 fprintf- incorrect read/write error handling
TCVX-40231 Inconsistent documentation of MCS reserved registers
TCVX-40279 astc W201 caused by numeric labels as forward reference
TCVX-40295 Make utility mktc is unable to handle makefile functions like word, wildcard, filter
TCVX-40452 Rounding mode immediately restored after return of function fesetround()
TCVX-40614 Library size inconsistent with use of identical makefile
TCVX-43033 Compiler does not generate a warning for uninitialized struct members
TCVX-43510 C++ error cptc E0020 - identifier "xyz " is undefined - on a protected member in a base class template

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