This web portal provides information on issues that have been reported related to TASKING toolsets.

The information on this portal is being updated on a daily basis.

There are three levels of information and your view depends on your access rights:

  1. As a license holder you can always access the basic information level with the title description of the issues.
  2. If your license is covered by maintenance/support you have access to the full description and mitigation of the issues.
  3. If you are licensed to the TASKING ISO 26262 Support Program through a Qualification Kit for your software, you also have access to the SIL information and the components affected by an issue. Also, functionality to export to XML and CSV is then available.

If you do not have an account to access the web portal, please contact your TASKING account manager preferably by providing your serial number or 16 character license key at the comment field of the contact form.

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